Asiette de charcuterie – Ma Bourgogne

Asiette de charcuterie - Ma Bourgogne
Auvergne pork assorted meats, cornichons, butter. 16€
Ma Bourgogne, Paris FR

OMG, we made it to Paris and ran to the first inviting restaurant near our hotel in Le Marais neighborhood. We came across Ma Bourgogne around the corner and decided to grab a table situated on the sidewalk. (First, let me say “Wow!” It’s my first time in Paris!) This place was cash only so we had to order according to how many euros we had on us. Don’t fret, we ended up ordering more than we could eat anyway (and we never really figured out how to order the free tap water, lol).

This charcuterie plate was great and the rolled tripe was a new one for me. It was pungent and had a very strong and distinct flavor, but I tried eating as much as I could. There was A LOT on the plate so it took some time. The dark red salami(?) chunk was REALLY hard and we couldn’t even cut through it with a knife so that stayed on the plate. It was also a surprise to get butter with the charcuterie plate as if there isn’t enough fat on the plate. How do the Parisians stay SO thin?!

Bread - Ma Bourgogne

Bread. Complimentary (Thank god, everything is expensive here!)
I think the bread was great everywhere we went!

Place des Vosges
Place des Vosges. This beautiful square is across the street for the restaurant and appears to be a popular place to sit, picnic, and relax. It was overcast when we arrived and even started drizzling while we ate, but that didn’t last long. The next few days would be hot, hot, hot!

Korean bbq dinner with work peeps – YakiniQ BBQ

There’s usually an occasion to warrant a work dinner for our group, but this time around I think we just wanted to grab some Korean BBQ in Japantown. What?! We don’t have a Korea-town in San Francisco, hehe. I’d never been to this restaurant, but it’s one of those places that’s all-you-can-eat for a set price. Or at least all-you-can-eat when the service feels like refilling your table. I’m not complaining, we had plenty to eat as you will see. Overall, I enjoyed the food and it’s always fun to hang out with my work peeps and their significant others. There were only six of us that night which made it easy to pass along food as they were ready off the central grill (and split the bill, lol)! $23.99 each, beer additional
YakiniQ BBQ, San Francisco CA

Intestine bulgogi tripe - YakiniQ BBQ
The grill is located in the center of the table and it does get dirty throughout the night, but they periodically replace the grill top. At one point, we had too much meat in the center which choked out the flame, so a server had to relight it. Oops! I tried to get a pic of everything we ordered, and I was mostly successful. We kept ordering multiple plates at once so it was a little difficult. You’ll get the general idea of the evening’s dining experience though, hehe!

Prime beef tongue and pork neck meat - YakiniQ BBQ
Prime beef tongue and pork neck meat. I’ve never had pork neck meat before and it was really tender and delicious!

Prime beef tongue - YakiniQ BBQ
Prime beef tongue on the grill.

Small intestine - YakiniQ BBQ
Small intestine. You definitely have to use the scissors to cut this and cook it to a crisp!

Honeycomb tripe - YakiniQ BBQ
Honeycomb tripe. Not my favorite, but they taste better with some chili sauce on top.

Marinated short rib gal-bi - YakiniQ BBQ
Marinted short rib (gal-bi) and marinated beef (bul-go-gi) on the grill. Delicious standards.

Spicy chicken - YakiniQ BBQ
Spicy chicken.

Beef brisket - YakiniQ BBQ
Beef brisket.

Pork skin - YakiniQ BBQ
Pork skin. Again, the trick is to grill this to a crisp otherwise there’s no way you can even chew through it!

Garlic butter chicken - YakiniQ BBQ
Garlic butter chicken.

Spicy pork belly - YakiniQ BBQ
Spicy pork belly.

Steamed egg - YakiniQ BBQ

Steamed egg.

Rice cake wraps - YakiniQ BBQ
Rice cake wraps.

Dipping sauces - YakiniQ BBQ
Dipping sauces.

Banchan - YakiniQ BBQ
Banchan. Complimentary

Hite Korean beer - YakiniQ BBQ

Hite Korean beer. Large bottle $13

Hite Korean beer - YakiniQ BBQ

Hite beer in a Cass glass beer glass. It was my first time trying this beer and I enjoyed it. It was light and didn’t make me burp as much as other beers, lol!

Tripe stew a porto – LaSalette Restaurant

Tripe stew a porto - LaSalette Restaurant
Tripas a moda do Porto, a dish typical to the city of Porto made with small intestines and white beans. 7-item Tasca tasting plates $34
LaSalette Restaurant, Sonoma CA

I’m not a huge tripe fan, but I definitely wanted to try this preparation. It was very delicious! It’s hard to get grossed out when the stew is this flavorful. The white beans also add a firmness to combat the sometimes squishy soft texture of the tripe.

Outdoor lounge and pool area, The Lodge at Sonoma
Outdoor lounge and pool area, The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa. We stayed at this hotel and it was very relaxing. I loved the outdoor sofas with their retractable canvas shades!