1/4 chicken breast and wing – Nando’s Peri-Peri

1/4 chicken breast and wing - Nando's Peri-Peri
Peri-Peri chicken with hot sauce, served with coleslaw and garlic bread. $9.45
Nando’s Peri-Peri, Washington DC

This chicken was certainly tender and flavorful, but I didn’t think that it was a “praise Jesus” moment that everyone has with Nando’s. The food runners were really nice and mine even gave me an extra wing since mine was on the small side. The girls working the door could use a little more professional training though. I felt like they were acting like immature high school hall monitors.

National Gallery of Art atrium
National Gallery of Art atrium.

Caldeirada – LaSalette Restaurant

Caldeirada - LaSalette Restaurant
Portuguese fisherman’s stew. Sea bass, scallops, clams, mussels, shrimp, fingerling potatoes, linguica, lobster fumet. $25
LaSalette Restaurant, Sonoma CA

Wow, this dish had everything in it! It was SO delicious and definitely more refined than a simple fisherman’s stew. The seafood were cooked beautifully and the flavors were amazing.

Mission San Francisco de Solano (Sonoma Mission)

Mission San Francisco de Solano (Sonoma Mission). This was founded in 1823 and built by Mexican authorities to prevent Russia from extending their territorial control into Alta California. Today the mission is part of Sonoma State Historic Park.

Fried Sonoma goat cheese – LaSalette Restaurant

Fried Sonoma goat cheese - LaSalette Restaurant
Breaded and fried with fig compote and walnut bread. 7-item Tasca tasting plates $34
LaSalette Restaurant, Sonoma CA

Fried Sonoma goat cheese - LaSalette Restaurant
Mmm, warm cheese with sweet fig compote and tasty bread! You can’t go wrong with that.

Backyard, Anaba Wines
Backyard, Anaba Wines. We hit this small tasting room on our drive home. It’s located at the intersection of Hwy 121 and Hwy 116 so it’s very convenient to stop by when leaving town. The people behind the bar are friendly and the back area is small but cute.

Lomo – LaSalette Restaurant

Lomo - LaSalette Restaurant
Smoked pork loin. 7-item Tasca tasting plates $34
LaSalette Restaurant, Sonoma CA

I love cured pork, and this was really tasty! I was sad that they only give 4 slices. I could have eaten an entire plate of this!

Buena Vista Winery
Buena Vista Winery. This is the oldest premium winery in California. It’s kinda randomly located and the grounds are tiny. My friends love this place, but I wasn’t too impressed by their wines. I think they underwent a recent remodel so their building is really cute inside!

Polvinhos – LaSalette Restaurant

Polvinhos - LaSalette Restaurant
Baby octopus. These are SO fun to eat! I guess it’s weird thinking that I’m eating a baby octopus, but they taste SO good! 7-item Tasca tasting plates $34
LaSalette Restaurant, Sonoma CA

Sonoma City Hall
Sonoma City Hall at night. This random (but pretty) building sits in the middle of the Plaza in downtown Sonoma and is surrounded by dozens of cute shops and restaurants.

Morcela – LaSalette Restaurant

Morcela - LaSalette Restaurant
Portuguese blood sausage traditionally made using pigs blood with parsley and green onions. Nicely seared with a deep, earthy flavor. Noms! 7-item Tasca tasting plates $34
LaSalette Restaurant, Sonoma CA

Wooden spheres, The Lodge at Sonoma

Wooden spheres in the lobby, The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa. The hotel is cleanly decorated with only a few sculptures here and there to make it interesting.