Caldeirada – LaSalette Restaurant

Caldeirada - LaSalette Restaurant
Portuguese fisherman’s stew. Sea bass, scallops, clams, mussels, shrimp, fingerling potatoes, linguica, lobster fumet. $25
LaSalette Restaurant, Sonoma CA

Wow, this dish had everything in it! It was SO delicious and definitely more refined than a simple fisherman’s stew. The seafood were cooked beautifully and the flavors were amazing.

Mission San Francisco de Solano (Sonoma Mission)

Mission San Francisco de Solano (Sonoma Mission). This was founded in 1823 and built by Mexican authorities to prevent Russia from extending their territorial control into Alta California. Today the mission is part of Sonoma State Historic Park.

Linguica pork sausage bites – LaSalette Restaurant

Linguica pork sausage bites - LaSalette Restaurant
With Portuguese cheese and green olives. Complimentary
LaSalette Restaurant, Sonoma CA

This warm amuse bouche was so simple but really delicious! Who doesn’t enjoy a pre-dinner snack fresh from the kitchen? It was fatty, salty and yummy.

Cute building and gate, Viansa Winery

Cute building and gate, Viansa Winery. I like this winery, and I always seem to leave with a bottle of something!