Roast chicken – Ma Bourgogne

Roast chicken - Ma Bourgogne
Poulet fermier roti. Served with French fries (frites). 18€
Ma Bourgogne, Paris FR

Wow, this roast chicken had an intense chicken flavor! I’m not sure it they added extra chicken flavor seasoning or if the chicken was just that good, but it tasted unreal compared to American roast chicken. I will say that the sauce/drippings was kinda salty, but the chicken itself was tender and juicy. The fries were also rockin’! We later came to find out that you can’t avoid the “frites” added to most dishes, argh!

Red wines - Ma Bourgogne

Beaujolais Villages. Verre 15 cl 5€
Sancerre rouge. Verre 15 cl 6,50€
I mean you can’t have a meal without red wine, right?! 🙂

Notre Dame Cathedral

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris. This cathedral is SO frickin’ large that I couldn’t fit it into a single shot. They also had risers set up in front in celebration of its 850 anniversary so that also obstructed from taking a clear head-on pic. Wow, 850 years! It’s also amazing on the inside!

Endive salad – Ma Bourgogne

Endive salad - Ma Bourgogne
Salade d’endives au bleu des causses. Blue cheese, tomato, carrot, chives. 10€
Ma Bourgogne, Paris FR

This was a simple but very tasty endive salad! The blue cheese came in large cubes tossed with the chopped endives in the center of the plate and was simply dressed.

Paris Plages 2013
Paris Plages 2013. During Paris Plages, they create artificial beach areas along the northern bank of the Seine River. These sandy oases were great because it was SO hot while we were there. They even have misters, showers, and plenty of food/beverage stations and seating areas. And of course the people watching was spectacular! 😉

Asiette de charcuterie – Ma Bourgogne

Asiette de charcuterie - Ma Bourgogne
Auvergne pork assorted meats, cornichons, butter. 16€
Ma Bourgogne, Paris FR

OMG, we made it to Paris and ran to the first inviting restaurant near our hotel in Le Marais neighborhood. We came across Ma Bourgogne around the corner and decided to grab a table situated on the sidewalk. (First, let me say “Wow!” It’s my first time in Paris!) This place was cash only so we had to order according to how many euros we had on us. Don’t fret, we ended up ordering more than we could eat anyway (and we never really figured out how to order the free tap water, lol).

This charcuterie plate was great and the rolled tripe was a new one for me. It was pungent and had a very strong and distinct flavor, but I tried eating as much as I could. There was A LOT on the plate so it took some time. The dark red salami(?) chunk was REALLY hard and we couldn’t even cut through it with a knife so that stayed on the plate. It was also a surprise to get butter with the charcuterie plate as if there isn’t enough fat on the plate. How do the Parisians stay SO thin?!

Bread - Ma Bourgogne

Bread. Complimentary (Thank god, everything is expensive here!)
I think the bread was great everywhere we went!

Place des Vosges
Place des Vosges. This beautiful square is across the street for the restaurant and appears to be a popular place to sit, picnic, and relax. It was overcast when we arrived and even started drizzling while we ate, but that didn’t last long. The next few days would be hot, hot, hot!