Roast chicken – Ma Bourgogne

Roast chicken - Ma Bourgogne
Poulet fermier roti. Served with French fries (frites). 18€
Ma Bourgogne, Paris FR

Wow, this roast chicken had an intense chicken flavor! I’m not sure it they added extra chicken flavor seasoning or if the chicken was just that good, but it tasted unreal compared to American roast chicken. I will say that the sauce/drippings was kinda salty, but the chicken itself was tender and juicy. The fries were also rockin’! We later came to find out that you can’t avoid the “frites” added to most dishes, argh!

Red wines - Ma Bourgogne

Beaujolais Villages. Verre 15 cl 5€
Sancerre rouge. Verre 15 cl 6,50€
I mean you can’t have a meal without red wine, right?! 🙂

Notre Dame Cathedral

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris. This cathedral is SO frickin’ large that I couldn’t fit it into a single shot. They also had risers set up in front in celebration of its 850 anniversary so that also obstructed from taking a clear head-on pic. Wow, 850 years! It’s also amazing on the inside!

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