Mom’s benedict – Kitchen Story

Mom's benedict - Kitchen Story
Homemade pork wine sausage, Meyer lemon hollandaise. Served ciabatta toast with rainbow potatoes. $15
Kitchen Story, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was tasty. I like their bright hollandaise sauce and the eggs were poached nicely. Yum!


Ribeye omurice – Kitchen Story

Ribeye omurice - Kitchen Story
Marinated minced ribeye, scrambled eggs over jasmine rice, carrots, cherry pepper, spinach, scallion, demi glace sauce. Served with croissant, rainbow potatoes, fruit. $18
Kitchen Story, San Francisco CA

This was a really hearty breakfast and pretty tasty too! Since I’m such a gravy-lover, of course I loved the demi glace sauce (spelled “demi glazed sauce” on the menu). The scrambled eggs were fluffy and soft, but I wish the potatoes were cut a little bigger.

Primavera omelet – Kitchen Story

Primavera omelet - Kitchen Story
Egg whites, roasted tomato, arugula, mushroom. Served with butter croissant and rainbow potato. $16
Kitchen Story, San Francisco CA

With all the heavy items they have on their menu, it’s nice that they have an option of this egg white omelet filled with veggies. It’s quite large though so I don’t think you’re saving on calories either way. 🙂

Belly rancheros – Kitchen Story

Belly rancheros - Kitchen Story
Slow braised kurobuta pork belly, avocado, arugula, kimchi pico de gallo, spicy guacamole, corn tortilla. Served with rainbow potato. $17
Kitchen Story, San Francisco CA

Wow, the pork belly was super tasty and tender. I loved the kimchi pico and the spicy guacamole too. This plate was actually pretty substantial especially with the potatoes so I just ate on “taco” and took the other to-go. Mmm…

Millionaire’s benedict – Kitchen Story

Millionaire's benedict - Kitchen Story
Millionaire’s bacon, poached eggs, asparagus, tomato, meyer lemon hollandaise. Served on ciabatta toast with rainbow potato. $17
Kitchen Story, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was really tasty! But anything tastes good with millionaire’s bacon on it. I liked the rainbow potatoes too, but I wished the toasted ciabatta was a softer. You could cut your mouth on those things!

Two eggs with millionaire’s bacon – Kitchen Story

Two eggs with millionaire's bacon - Kitchen Story
Two eggs over-medium served with butter croissant, rainbow potato and fruit. $13
Kitchen Story, San Francisco CA

For those who don’t know, millionaire’s bacon are thick slabs of bacon covered with brown sugar, black pepper, and cayenne before baking. What results is a sticky, sweet and salty strip of bacon that would please any SF brunch-goer. It was honestly the best part of this plate! NOMS!

Sticky monkeyflower

Sticky monkeyflower (Mimulus aurantiacus, Phrymaceae), Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.

Mascarpone stuffed deep fried French toast – Kitchen Story

Mascarpone stuffed deep fried French toast - Kitchen Story
Two eggs, bacon, fruit, served with real Vermont maple syrup and honey butter. $15
Kitchen Story, San Francisco CA

Wow, talk about decadence and a heart unhealthy meal! This was delicious though and worth every heart-clogging calorie. Lol!

Pink flowers

Pink flowers of a succulent plant (Crassulaceae, maybe Echeveria?), West Field Road.

Frisco benedict – Kitchen Story

Frisco benedict - Kitchen Story
Chicken mango sausage, avocado, cherry pepper, meyer lemon hollandaise served on levain toast with rainbow potatoes and fruit. $13
Kitchen Story, San Francisco CA

Omg, Kitchen Story has redeemed itself with brunch! My experience here this time around was night and day (literally) compared to the time I had dinner here. The food was really good and the service rocked! A friend and I sat at the counter and we were never made to feel like we needed to leave even after were had finished all our food. I felt kind of bad because there were so many people waiting to get seated, but the servers just kept refilling our bottomless mimosa and we kept drinking them, lol. Thank you Kitchen Story for proving me wrong!

Banksia sp., Proteaceae

Weird looking young spike inflorescences (Banksia sp., Proteaceae), West Field Road.

A disastrous dinner at Kitchen Story!

Three buddies - Kitchen Story
Three Buddies: grilled double sided short ribs, broccolini, kimchi rice, Asian. pear. $18
Kitchen Story, San Francisco CA

I REALLY wanted to like this place! I’ve been to 3 of the previous restaurants in this seemingly cursed location, and the mediocrity continues! 7×7 Magazine has this place on their list of date spots, which is great if you’re speed dating (more on that later).

– Even though they only had 2 reservations a 6pm, they couldn’t confirm my reservation. I had to point out my own name on their reservation list! Sad.

– There were only 3 tables occupied, but we were still seated at the most dreary, cave-like table possible. The people a few tables over were even using their cell phone lights to read the menu.

– Less than an hour into dinner, we ordered another round of wine and declined dessert. They QUICKLY brought our check, had us sign and took it away. This is normally fine, but they also set the 2-top table next to us for three people while the waiting parties breathed on top of us from the bar. I swear they must have pushed the other table closer to ours because the third menu was practically touching our table! Omg, we get the hint! We are no longer customers and should leave! That’s just wrong. That’s what I meant about speed dating above, this place seems to care more about volume than service. Even the table on the other side us felt it. I overheard them when they sat down, whispering that they needed to eat quickly because they were told that their table was reserved soon. Sheesh! If you can’t fit a party in for a decent dinner, please don’t seat them and rush them! We had a reservation and STILL felt rushed! Last time I checked, an hour isn’t a long seating for dinner.

Big hug - Kitchen Story
Big Hug: their famous Millionaire’s bacon wrapped bay U-10 scallop, grilled eggplant over spicy cilantro sauce, garlic egg noodle. $16

Omg, these garlic noodles were disgusting! They tasted like cardboard with dry rot – seriously. The scallops were overcooked and the bacon made an impenetrable coat around them. This was more like a “slap on the face” than a “big hug”.

Spicy Kobe rolls - Kitchen Story
Spicy Kobe Rolls: grilled Wagyu strips wrapped cucumber, mint, spicy limt beetroot sauce. $10

I know you can’t make anything out, but that’s probably for the better. These meat rolls were hard to chew, hard to handle, and poorly conceived.

Bread and butter - Kitchen Story
Bread and butter. Complimentary

– The workers are really sweet when they’re not trying to kick you out of your table.

– The portions are decent.

– My Three Buddies short ribs weren’t overly salty.

I’ve heard that this place is better for brunch so I’ll give them another chance. Hopefully they won’t completely disappoint again.