Southern Benny – Biscuit Love

Southern Benny - Biscuit Love
Biscuit, shaved country ham, 2 fried eggs, sausage gravy. $10
Biscuit Love, Nashville TN

This eggs benedict wasn’t much to look at, but I liked it enough. I especially liked the country ham and gravy. I’m not sure that the biscuit was my favorite. It had a texture of an undercooked one.

Southern Benny - Biscuit Love

Crab cake and fried green tomato eggs benedict – Miss Shirley’s Cafe

Crab cake and fried green tomato eggs benedict - Miss Shirley's Cafe
Poached eggs, mini jumbo lump crab cakes on fried green tomatoes, with black eyed pea succotash, asparagus, Old Bay hollandaise sauce, dusted with Old Bay.
Miss Shirley’s Cafe, Baltimore MD

Omg, this was A LOT of food! And it was all pretty heavy. The succotash was a little too starchy to provide any break from the heaviness of this dish. The components tasted good though. I think they could have done without the 2 additional fried green tomatoes on the side though.