Classic cheese steak – V Cafe

Classic cheese steak - V Cafe
Served on a freshly baked 12″ roll with grilled onions, hot cherry peppers, and provolone. $8.50
V Cafe, San Francisco CA

I’m so glad this place is open late! I was in the SoMa after 2 AM and I really needed something to eat before I made my way back home. Voila, V Cafe just appeared out of nowhere! The cheese steak wasn’t the best but it did its part. 🙂

Crocodile graffiti art
Crocodile graffiti art, 25th Street.

Frisco benedict – Kitchen Story

Frisco benedict - Kitchen Story
Chicken mango sausage, avocado, cherry pepper, meyer lemon hollandaise served on levain toast with rainbow potatoes and fruit. $13
Kitchen Story, San Francisco CA

Omg, Kitchen Story has redeemed itself with brunch! My experience here this time around was night and day (literally) compared to the time I had dinner here. The food was really good and the service rocked! A friend and I sat at the counter and we were never made to feel like we needed to leave even after were had finished all our food. I felt kind of bad because there were so many people waiting to get seated, but the servers just kept refilling our bottomless mimosa and we kept drinking them, lol. Thank you Kitchen Story for proving me wrong!

Banksia sp., Proteaceae

Weird looking young spike inflorescences (Banksia sp., Proteaceae), West Field Road.