Katsu sando – Cherry Blossom Pub

Katsu sando - Cherry Blossom Pub
Pork cutlet, kewpie slaw, wasabi mustard, white bread. $10
Cherry Blossom Pub, Washington DC

This was not worth ten bucks. The katsu was dry, and the sandwich was SO small! Ugh, the price we pay sometimes…

Arancini – Cherry Blossom Pub

Arancini - Cherry Blossom Pub
Sticky rice, mozzarella, bechamel, marinara. $6
Cherry Blossom Pub, Washington DC

These were good (and different). I liked the sticky rice variation to keep in line with the Super Mario theme on our side of the bar. This had great flavor though. The service was nice enough, but the crowds were just too loud and crazy to really enjoy anything.