Super falafel – Sunrise Deli

Super falafel - Sunrise Deli
Falafel with hummus, eggplant, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, pickled cabbage. Served in lavash wrap. $8
Sunrise Deli, San Francisco CA

This falafel wrap was definitely not very “super” in my book. The falafel themselves were ok, but the whole wrap was super dry and boring. There was way more wrap than filling, and even the filling seemed somehow dry even with the hummus. They needed some tzatziki or have the eggplant mixture more juicy. I was not a fan.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Construction the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


Beef shawarma – Leylam Shawarma

Beef shawarma - Leylam Shawarma
With cabbage, cucumber, hummus and tahini sauce wrapped in lavash bread. 59 PHP
Leylam Shawarma, Boracay PHILIPPINES

I don’t remember too much about this shawarma – just that I was starving after our first night out in Boracay, lol! It was cheap, quick, and on the way back to the hotel. Looking back at the pic, I guess it wasn’t very big. Maybe that’s why I had a hangover in the morning. 😉

Fire twirlers
Fire twirlers, Station 2/3 Beach.

Shawerma sandwich – Old Jerusalem

Shawerma sandwich - Old Jerusalem
Beef and lamb marinated in spices with tahini sauce, hummus, pickles, salad and lettuce wrapped in lavash bread. Ordered hot. $7.95
Old Jerusalem, San Francisco CA

Shawerma sandwich - Old Jerusalem
Wow, this was really good! I loved all the flavors and the pickles were actually a really great addition. It added a great tartness that I wasn’t expecting in a shawerma sandwich. It was super sauce which I love even though it gets messy eating. Noms!

Bon Tempe Lake
Bon Tempe Lake.

Lamb shawerma – Truly Mediterranean

Lamb Shawerma Truly Mediterranean

Thin marinated slices of lamb and beef, broiled tomatoes, parsley, seasoned onions, tahini sauce, hot sauce and wrapped in a grilled lavash.
Truly Mediterranean, San Francisco

The shawerma at Truly Mediterranean are SO big and SO yummy!  The meat is tender and flavorful, and I love the meaty broiled tomato wedges.  The seasonings they put on everything is so good, as is the tahini sauce.  I always agree to add the hot sauce, but it’s not very hot.  So for those who need the heat, don’t expect much.  Regardless, this wrap is very delicious and will definitely fill you up.  The guys at the 16th Street store are very friendly and helpful.  It’s a tiny shop with a stand up counter and a couple sidewalk tables.  I don’t go there for the ambiance, I go for the food!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die

Lamb shawerma - Truly Mediterranean//
April 5, 2015. $9.99