Limoncello mascarpone cake – Fishermen’s Grotto

Limoncello mascarpone cake - Fishermen's Grotto
A sweet and tart lemon creation. Two layers of sponge cake filled with mascarpone and topped with vanilla shavings. $8.25
Fishermen’s Grotto, San Francisco CA

Noms, what a great combination! This cake wasn’t overly sweet and it had a great lemon taste – perfect! The sponge cake was moist and super flavorful.

Crown Royal Manhattan - Fishermen's Grotto
Crown Royal Manhattan cocktail. $9

Steamed crabs
Steamed crabs ready for purchase, Fisherman’s Wharf.

Crab cioppino – Fishermen’s Grotto

Crab cioppino - Fishermen's Grotto
Dungeness crab, prawns and clams in a rich tomato stew. You pick it from the shell. We provide the bib. $29.95
Fishermen’s Grotto, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was SO delicious! The tomato stew was certainly rich and flavorful and there was A LOT of cracked dungeness crab in there. I had fun wearing the plastic bib and picking out as much crab meat as possible. 🙂

Cabernet sauvignon - Fishermen's Grotto

House cabernet sauvignon. $7

Spunky Monkey flowers
“Spunky Monkey” flowers (Mimulus naiandinus ‘Mega’, Scrophulariaceae), 18th Street.

Coney Island clam chowder – Fishermen’s Grotto

Coney Island clam chowder - Fishermen's Grotto
Tomato based chowder served with oyster crackers. Cup $7.50
Fishermen’s Grotto, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this chowder was pretty flavorful. It was on the thick side, but I liked it. It had plenty of clams and vegetables packed within, yay!

Yellow California poppies
Yellow California poppies (Eschscholzia californica, Papaveraceae), Point Lobos Avenue.

Cracked whole dungeness crab – Fishermen’s Grotto

Cracked whole dungeness crab - Fishermen's Grotto
Steamed and served with cocktail sauce and melted butter. $34.95
Fishermen’s Grotto, San Francisco CA

I love dungeness crab and this plate was surprisingly good! I’m always weary of the touristy restaurants on the Wharf but this crab was very tasty and fresh, and a great value.

Crab meat extracting utensils - Fishermen's Grotto
Crab meat extracting utensils.

Chardonnay - Fishermen's Grotto

House chardonnay. $7

Yellow Dyckia flowers
Yellow Dyckia flowers (Bromeliaceae), West Field Road.

Boston clam chowder – Fishermen’s Grotto

Boston clam chowder - Fishermen's Grotto
Cream based chowder served with oyster crackers. Cup $7.50
Fishermen’s Grotto, San Francisco CA

I was skeptical of this restaurant located smack down in the middle of touristy Fisherman’s Wharf, but the food was great! The service was cheesy especially with their outdated uniforms, but very friendly. And the people-watching can’t be beat, lol! This chowder tasted great and had a nice creamy texture.

Sourdough bread - Fishermen's Grotto
Fresh sourdough bread. Complimentary

Yellow yarrow flowers
Yellow yarrow flowers (Achillea millefolium, Asteraceae), West Field Road.