Ostrega oyster shots – Pesce

Ostrega oyster shots - Pesce
With cucumber, cocktail sauce, horseradish. Each $3
Pesce, San Francisco CA

I don’t know about these. I’m not a big horseradish fan with oysters and these just had a lot of murky liquid in the glass that scared me off. I definitely spent more time worrying about taking the oyster shot than actually enjoying it. It wasn’t bad, but my it was too much work for me to shoot it.

Bad Boy cocktail - Pesce
Bad Boy: Tito’s vodka, tobacco leaf tincture, orange bitters. $10

Fried calamari – Craw Station

Fried calamari - Craw Station
Breaded and fried squid served with cocktail sauce. $8.99
Craw Station, San Francisco CA

I loved the flavor of the batter and seasoning on this calamari and they were tender, but unfortunately they were on the oily side. The pieces were also VERY small so it became annoying to eat them after a while.

Tour bus with kangaroo

Random tour bus with kangaroo, Fishermen’s Wharf.

Cracked whole dungeness crab – Fishermen’s Grotto

Cracked whole dungeness crab - Fishermen's Grotto
Steamed and served with cocktail sauce and melted butter. $34.95
Fishermen’s Grotto, San Francisco CA

I love dungeness crab and this plate was surprisingly good! I’m always weary of the touristy restaurants on the Wharf but this crab was very tasty and fresh, and a great value.

Crab meat extracting utensils - Fishermen's Grotto
Crab meat extracting utensils.

Chardonnay - Fishermen's Grotto

House chardonnay. $7

Yellow Dyckia flowers
Yellow Dyckia flowers (Bromeliaceae), West Field Road.

Fried fresh calamari – Yankee Pier

Fried fresh calamari - Yankee Pier
Topped with scallions, served with cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. $12.75
Yankee Pier, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Ew, why do I torture myself with bad airport food?! The calamari was super dry and chewy and none of the pieces were any bigger than popcorn. I must have gotten the bottom of the frozen bag or something.

The service was also horrendous and annoying. He was SO frickin’ pushy and he could barely speak English. He was so rude that I wanted to strangle him. Ugh, I miss Terminal 2!

Calamari – Don the Beachcomber

Calamari - Don the Beachcomber
Lightly seasoned and breaded, served with zesty chipotle remoulade and Don’s citrus cocktail sauce. $12.95
Don the Beachcomber, Kailua-Kona HI

I enjoyed these! They were pretty tender and not overly fried. I also liked that they weren’t covered in a thick shell of breading and that they included plenty of tentacle pieces. The sauce were also creative and tasty! I’m kinda bored of the typical citrus aioli that’s usually served with fried calamari.

Stacked rocks, Kailua Bay
Stacked rocks, Kailua Bay.

Raw oysters – Lot 7

Raw oysters - Lot 7
Kusshi (BC), Kumamoto (WA), Shigoku (WA), and Fanny Bay (WA). Served with cocktail sauce and a mignonette. $24
Lot 7, San Francisco CA

I usually prefer the smallest oysters, but in this grouping I think the Shigokus were the best tasting. Omg, I’m finally making my way up the raw oyster chain, lol!

Red wine - Lot 7
Malbec, Tahuan, Mendoza, Argentina, 2011. $9
Pinot Noir, 24 Knots, Central Coast, 2009. $11

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts advertisement
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts advertisement, 24th Street Bart Station.

“Peel your own” prawns – Anthony’s HomePort

Peel your own prawns - Anthony's HomePort
Six pack served with cocktail sauce. Happy hour $5
Anthony’s HomePort, Seattle WA

I don’t get people who are afraid to get dirty while eating. I don’t mind peeling my own prawns, cracking my own crab, sucking shrimp heads, whatever it takes to get my delicious food! I think it’s more fun when you get a little dirty while eating. That’s why I’m not afraid of eating ribs or whole crawfish in groups. But to each his own.

Happy hour casualty
Happy hour casualty! This wasp didn’t make it. 🙂

Peel and eat prawns - Anthony's HomePort
May 30th, 2014. Bremerton, WA
The presentation is definitely more basic this time around.

Paddle boarders on Shilshole Bay
Paddle boarders on Shilshole Bay.

Cracked Dungeness crab – Swan Oyster Depot

Cracked 1/2 Dungeness crab Swan Oyster Depot

Large portion of half crab served with bread and butter and your choice of cocktail sauce, Louie sauce, or butter for dipping. $17.95
Swan Oyster Depot, San Francisco

This place is crazy popular! I arrived before noon on a Thursday and there was already a line out the door! There’s limited seating inside, only stools at the singular counter so you must wait until a seat becomes available. I wouldn’t recommend going here with a large group because you might be waiting a long time! The wait is definitely worth the wait for the freshest seafood and great service. The guys behind the counter are super friendly and the place just has a very cool, old-school vibe.

The dungeness crab was delicious! They do a great job cracking the shells so it’s fairly easy to remove all the yummy flesh. I ordered mine with cocktail sauce but next time I’ll try the Louie sauce. That would complete the decadent meal, hehe!

Sourdough bread Swan Oyster Depot

Sourdough bread and butter. Complimentary.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2011, 2012, 2013

Fish and calamari fritto – The Ramp

Fish and calamari fritto The Ramp

Deep fried fish fillet and bread calamari.  Served with french fries, cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, and a lemon wedge.  $14.50
The Ramp, San Francisco

This may look like a great plate of food, but it was the greasiest pile of crap I’ve ever had.  The oil they used to fry this in had to have been super cold because the fish fillet (especially) and everything else was saturated and dripping with grease.  I tried dabbing (then pressing and pummeling) napkins on it to try to soak up the grease, but all the napkins on the table were quickly used up and I was left with a sad, flaccid still-greasy pile of food in front of me.  They could’ve served me a cold sponge saturated in grease, and I wouldn’t know the difference.  Sad…