Oyster shooters – Anthony’s HomePort

Oyster shooters - Anthony's HomePort
Happy hour $6
Anthony’s HomePort, Bremerton WA

Ugh, I could only eat one of these. The oysters didn’t taste fresh at all and they were too warm. Gross! I wanna barf…

Manhattan cocktail - Anthony's HomePort
Manhattan cocktail. Happy hour $5


Assorted draft beers – Anthony’s HomePort

Schooner Exact Gateway Golden and Scuttlebutt Brewing Anthony's pale ale

Schooner Exact Gateway Golden and Scuttlebutt Brewing Anthony’s pale ale. Happy hour $3.50 each
Anthony’s HomePort, Seattle WA

Sound Brewery Sommerweizen and Fremont Brewing summer ale

Sound Brewery Sommerweizen and Fremont Brewing summer ale. $3.50 each

You really can’t beat a nice cold beer bayside on a warm sunny day! The Pacific Northwest is lucky to have many great microbreweries for people to enjoy. Ahhhh!

Seattle Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle.

“Peel your own” prawns – Anthony’s HomePort

Peel your own prawns - Anthony's HomePort
Six pack served with cocktail sauce. Happy hour $5
Anthony’s HomePort, Seattle WA

I don’t get people who are afraid to get dirty while eating. I don’t mind peeling my own prawns, cracking my own crab, sucking shrimp heads, whatever it takes to get my delicious food! I think it’s more fun when you get a little dirty while eating. That’s why I’m not afraid of eating ribs or whole crawfish in groups. But to each his own.

Happy hour casualty
Happy hour casualty! This wasp didn’t make it. 🙂

Peel and eat prawns - Anthony's HomePort
May 30th, 2014. Bremerton, WA
The presentation is definitely more basic this time around.

Paddle boarders on Shilshole Bay
Paddle boarders on Shilshole Bay.

Traditional Puget Sound mussels – Anthony’s HomePort

Traditional Puget Sound mussels - Anthony's HomePort
Black mussels in a wine wine broth, . Happy hour $5
Anthony’s HomePort, Seattle WA

Seattle seafood is always a safe bet! These mussels wear large and tender, just perfectly cooked. The broth was delicious and perfect for soaking bread. Noms!

The Eagle

The Eagle, 1971, painted steel, Alexander Calder, Olympic Sculpture Park.

Hawaiian ahi nachos – Anthony’s HomePort

Hawaiian ahi nachos - Anthony's HomePort
Ahi tuna ceviche on taro chips topped with aioli and chives. Happy hour $5
Anthony’s HomePort, Seattle WA

These were delicious, refreshing bites. The ahi mixture was a little sweet and perfect to enjoy on a bright sunny day.

Puget Sound view, Anthony's HomePort
View of the Puget Sound from our table at Anthony’s HomePort. It was SO beautiful during my last visit to Seattle. It was great to sit at the Anthony’s back patio and enjoy the sun and water.