“Peel your own” prawns – Anthony’s HomePort

Peel your own prawns - Anthony's HomePort
Six pack served with cocktail sauce. Happy hour $5
Anthony’s HomePort, Seattle WA

I don’t get people who are afraid to get dirty while eating. I don’t mind peeling my own prawns, cracking my own crab, sucking shrimp heads, whatever it takes to get my delicious food! I think it’s more fun when you get a little dirty while eating. That’s why I’m not afraid of eating ribs or whole crawfish in groups. But to each his own.

Happy hour casualty
Happy hour casualty! This wasp didn’t make it. 🙂

Peel and eat prawns - Anthony's HomePort
May 30th, 2014. Bremerton, WA
The presentation is definitely more basic this time around.

Paddle boarders on Shilshole Bay
Paddle boarders on Shilshole Bay.

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