Japanese rice bowl – Bamboo Asia

Japanese rice bowl - Bamboo Asia
Tuna and hamachi with fried eggplant, cucumber, tamago, pickled ginger, jalapenos. $11
Bamboo Asia, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love the Japanese bowls at Bamboo Asia. The fish are usually pretty fresh and they have a good selection of toppings and sauces.


Hamachi crudo – 1760

Hamachi crudo - 1760
Bulgogi vinaigrette, ‘siracha’, celery, yuzu, satsuma. $17
1760, San Francisco CA

Hmm, this was a pretty new and inventive dish for me, but did it really work? I’d say no for several reasons. I don’t think all the flavors worked in harmony. The bulgogi flavor with citrus from the satsuma and yuzu along with sriracha and creeping rosemary really didn’t do it for me. There was too many strong, competing flavors so it each bite was confusing. There was also very little hamachi on the plate. The rosemary and and celery ribs were also stringy and unpleasant to chew through. (And they misspelled ‘siracha’ on their menu.)

Yerba Buena Park
Yerba Buena Park.

Double hamachi roll – Miyabi Japanese Cuisine

Double hamachi roll - Miyabi Japanese Cuisine
Filled with hamachi and cucumber, topped with hamachi, avocado and sesame. $12.95
Miyabi Japanese Cuisine, San Francisco CA

This was just ok, nothing special. It wasn’t exciting or exceptional fresh tasting. Overall, I was a little underwhelmed by the food here.

Smoking Indian worm graffiti mural, Bryant Street
Smoking Indian worm(?) graffiti mural, Bryant Street. This is a random mural in The Mission, but I do like its colors.

Lounge roll – Dragonfly

Lounge roll Dragonfly
Crab, scallion, cucumber with tuna, hamachi and avocado “lounging” on top. $16
Dragonfly, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

Ugh, I guess it’s my own fault thinking that I could get decent sushi in Old San Juan. This was dry, sad and the sushi rice had a weird texture and flavor. You think an island would have fresh seafood, but that wasn’t the case.

Morro Castle San Juan
Morro Castle. That was some walk all the way up to the Castle! We didn’t go in, but it looked pretty impressive from the outside.

Sushi lovers plate – Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar

Sushi lovers plate Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar

3 maguro (tuna), 3 sake (salmon), 3 hamachi (yellowtail), 3 unagi (eel), 3 hirame (halibut – we substituted this for the California roll). Served with miso soup. $33 + $3 substitution charge
Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar, Gahanna OH

This looks really pretty on the plate, but this wasn’t all that great in terms of fresh sushi. The fish was of OK quality and the pieces were super cold (recently defrosted? ew). I’m just glad that they didn’t taste fishy and old. I’m still hoping that I can get good sushi in Ohio! The service was friendly though. This restuarant was SO weird though because it had food from all different Asian countries. It’s like the corner shops in San Francisco that have burgers, Chinese food, and donuts! Can you really trust that they can make any of it authentically or decently?

Miso soup Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar

Miso soup.

Warm sake Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar

Warm sake. $12

Assorted sushi – Tenka Japanese Restaurant

This place is awesome for happy hour! The prices are great and the sushi doesn’t suck. You always have to be a little weary of super cheap sushi, but this place serves above decent sushi at rock bottom prices. That’s awesome in my book!  You can get a nice large meal for only a few bucks. Of the sushi below, the scallop nigiri was my favorite!
Tenka Japanese Restaurant, San Mateo

Hotatagai nigiri Tenka Japanese Restaurant

Hotatagai nigiri (scallop). $1.25 happy hour

Unagi nigiri Tenka Japanese Restaurant

Unagi nigiri (fresh water eel). $1.25 happy hour

Hamachi nigiri Tenka Japanese Restaurant

Hamachi nigiri (yellow tail). $1.25 happy hour

Rainbow Roll – Kama Sushi

Rainbow Roll Kama Sushi

8 pieces snow crab, avocado roll topped with tuna, salmon, ebi, hamachi, tai and avocado.  $11.95
Kama Sushi, San Francisco

The rainbow roll is perfect for the indecisive person like me because you essentially get an assortment of sashimi on top of a California roll.  Yay!  The fish quality at Kama was great and the services was very friendly and attentive.  Went there for happy hour and will definitely return!

Edamame Kama Sushi

Complimentary edamame.

Spicy hamachi roll – Kama Sushi

Spicy hamachi roll Kama Sushi

6 pieces yellowtail and cucumber roll with toasted sesame.  $4.50 happy hour
Kama Sushi, San Francisco

Wow, I loved these delicious bites!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spicy hamachi roll on a sushi menu, and while these weren’t at all spicy, they were very tasty.  And you can’t beat the happy hour price!  I enjoyed that the hamachi wasn’t chopped to a pulp – they still had a great solid texture.  Noms!

Assorted rolls Kama Sushi

Rainbow roll and spicy hamachi roll.