Lounge roll – Dragonfly

Lounge roll Dragonfly
Crab, scallion, cucumber with tuna, hamachi and avocado “lounging” on top. $16
Dragonfly, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

Ugh, I guess it’s my own fault thinking that I could get decent sushi in Old San Juan. This was dry, sad and the sushi rice had a weird texture and flavor. You think an island would have fresh seafood, but that wasn’t the case.

Morro Castle San Juan
Morro Castle. That was some walk all the way up to the Castle! We didn’t go in, but it looked pretty impressive from the outside.

Crab noodle salad – Dragonfly

Project 365: Day 109

It’s finally hitting me that I’m leaving for Europe in a couple of days! I’m still doing all my laundry and planning all my outfits, hehe. What sucks is that it’s going to be raining the entire time that we’re there. It’ll be fun traveling Hubbs. This will only be his second time outside the US. After this trip, I’ll have been to 20 countries. I know that’s not a lot, but I’m still happy that I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel.

Crab noodle salad Dragonfly
Crab and seaweed salad tossed with glass noodles and chili garlic sauce. $10
Dragonfly, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

Another disappointment. There was almost no crab in there, and the seaweed made everything too slimey. I thought maybe the glass noodles would balance out the slime, but they didn’t. Yuck!

Crecimiento Monument San Juan

Crecimiento Monument along the Paseo de la Princesa. These spike-like sculptures erupting from the ground look dramatic against the old city walls.

Pork and amarillo dumplings – Dragonfly

Pork and amarillo dumplings Dragonfly
Steamed dumplings with citrus mojo. $14
Dragonfly, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

Ew, these were gross! The dumpling wrappers were thick, dry and chewy. It was difficult to taste the filling because the wrapper was SO starchy. Thank god for dipping sauces. I’m guessing amarillo refers to some type of yellow chili pepper.

Frozen pina colada

This was a frozen pina colada we had puchased from a stand in the Plaza de Armas right before Rick Santorum and his family paraded through for a campaign rally. It was surreal to see him randomly in Old San Juan!

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum on the campaign trail!

Cocktails – Dragonfly

Dragonfire martini Dragonfly
Dragonfire martini – Absolut vodka with fresh lemon-lime juice and jalapeno. $12

Red lotus martini Dragonfly
Red lotus martini – Absolut raspberry and pama with fresh lemon-lime and cranberry. $12
Dragonfly, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

These cocktails were a little expensive but pretty tasty. I was pleasantly surprised at how spicy the Dragonfire martini was – definitely chest-warming.

City Hall, Old San Juan
City Hall, Old San Juan