Hamachi crudo – 1760

Hamachi crudo - 1760
Bulgogi vinaigrette, ‘siracha’, celery, yuzu, satsuma. $17
1760, San Francisco CA

Hmm, this was a pretty new and inventive dish for me, but did it really work? I’d say no for several reasons. I don’t think all the flavors worked in harmony. The bulgogi flavor with citrus from the satsuma and yuzu along with sriracha and creeping rosemary really didn’t do it for me. There was too many strong, competing flavors so it each bite was confusing. There was also very little hamachi on the plate. The rosemary and and celery ribs were also stringy and unpleasant to chew through. (And they misspelled ‘siracha’ on their menu.)

Yerba Buena Park
Yerba Buena Park.

Brandon’s grass fed beef burger – Grub

Brandon's grass fed beef burger - Grub
Housemade bacon, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and sriracha aioli served on a toasted pain de mie bun. $13
Grub, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this burger was pretty tasty! It was well cooked and had lots of flavor. I loved the soft, toasted pain de mie and the thick slices of bacon. The sriracha aioli could’ve had more kick though.

Spiral aloe
Spiral aloe with emerging inflorescences (Aloe polyphlla, Xanthorrhoeaceae), West Field Road.

Belgian fries – Sliderbar

Belgian fries - Sliderbar
Cooked fresh to order with hot chipotle ketchup, hot sriracha mayo, and their secret sauce. Family size $6.50
Sliderbar, San Francisco CA

Why are things that are bad for you so tasty!? French fries are my weakness and these were delicious. They have plenty of dippings sauces to choose from too.

Wooden piglets
Wooden piglets, Church Street.

Crispy fish tacos – Circa 59

Crispy fish tacos - Circa 59
Avocado, tomato, cabbage, sriracha aioli, lime. $16
Circa 59, Palm Springs CA

Wow, I can’t believe I paid $16 for what looks like a pile of barf! The crispy fish nuggets weren’t even crispy – they were super soggy as was the super greasy tortillas that surround this messy dish. I felt like a 5 year old eating the little fish bits in my tacos.

As nice as this restaurant purports to be, they sorely lack in service and food for that matter. We were seated outside without misters and for some reason the scarce waiters refused to give us any water. We had to flag down management to finally get any water. WTF!?

Pool table area, Riviera Resort
Pool table area, Riviera Resort. I think that’s Mr. T on the left(?).

Fried calamari – Barracuda Sushi

Fried calamari - Barracuda Sushi
Montery baby squid tempura with sriracha aioli. Happy hour $5
Barracuda Sushi, San Francisco CA

These were good – perhaps a little greasy, but they had a nice flavor from the batter. And I like the taste and slight heat of the sriracha aioli.

A-OK hand signal sidewalk stencil
A-OK hand signal sidewalk stencil, Guerrero Street. It always amazes me how many different stencils there are in this city!

Cornmeal dusted calamari – Hubbard Grille

Cornmeal dusted calamari Hubbard Grille

Served with Sriracha garlic aioli and lemon. $11 ($5.50 for Sunday happy hour)
Hubbard Grille, Columbus OH

These were really tasty. I loved the Sriracha garlic aioli. Some of the squid pieces were kinda greasy so I had to leave them in the bowl – I think they were cooked at too low a temperature. Other than that, I enjoyed these and I’m glad that they included plenty of the tentacles.

Ribbon chips – T. Murray’s Bar and Kitchen

Ribbon chips T. Murray's Bar and Kitchen

Fresh cut potato ribbons, crunchy fried, roasted garlic aioli and sriracha ketchup. $5
T. Murray’s Bar and Kitchen, Columbus OH

What can I say? These were fun to eat and share. I like the combination of the garlic aioli and sriracha ketchup. This bar snack is not the healthiest thing for you, but I’d still recommend it. The potato ribbons weren’t too greasy and there’s plenty of them!