Prince Edward Isle mussels – Hubbard Grille

Prince Edward Isle mussels Hubbard Grille

Chef’s beer selection, basil and sundried tomatoes, served with toasted baguette slices and lemon wedge. $12 ($6 for Sunday happy hour)
Hubbard Grille, Columbus OH

I’m glad that these mussels weren’t overcooked. The shellfish was still plump and juicy, yay! I really liked the broth too. Perhaps it was the beer, hehe!

Cornmeal dusted calamari – Hubbard Grille

Cornmeal dusted calamari Hubbard Grille

Served with Sriracha garlic aioli and lemon. $11 ($5.50 for Sunday happy hour)
Hubbard Grille, Columbus OH

These were really tasty. I loved the Sriracha garlic aioli. Some of the squid pieces were kinda greasy so I had to leave them in the bowl – I think they were cooked at too low a temperature. Other than that, I enjoyed these and I’m glad that they included plenty of the tentacles.

Short ribs and shrimp – Hubbard Grille

Short ribs and shrimp Hubbard Grille

Pulled beef short rib and three sauteed shrimp, white cheddar grits and spicy tomato jus, garnished with chopped scallions. $13 ($6.50 for Sunday happy hour)
Hubbard Grille, Columbus OH

Mmm, I really enjoyed this! I think it’s the perfect share – not too big and absolutely delicious! I loved all the different flavors and textures. Everything was perfect! Ok, almost perfect. The shrimp were slightly overcooked, but who cares! This was definitely my favorite snack that we ordered.

Legendary cocktails – Hubbard Grille

“Hubbard Grille was proud to host our ‘Become Legendary’ cocktail-naming contest in which patrons submitted cocktail names. Fans voted & celebrity judges deliberated, listed below are the nine newly named cocktails, try one and enjoy! All cocktails are $10.” – Hubbard menu

But on Sundays, the cocktails are only $5. Heck yeah! I liked that the cocktails were tried were very different and all of them tasty. Sundays at Hubbard are the way to go!
Hubbard Grille, Columbus OH

Little Miss Rosemary Hubbard Grille

Little Miss Rosemary – named by Ron Hosenfeld. Watershed vodka, rosemary syrup, lemon juice, lemonade; served in a chilled martini glass, garnished with a sprig of rosemary.

Cider House Rules Hubbard Grille

Cider House Rules – named by Allen Cochran. Absolut Citron vodka, apple cider, Pama liqueur, cinnamon sugar rim; served in a short rocks glass.

Rumdog Millionaire Hubbard Grille

Rumdog Millionaire – named by Holly Beach. The Kraken black spiced rum, basil, honey, 7-up; served in a short rocks glass.

The Housecat Hubbard Grille

The Housecat – named by Samantha Giesige. Fireball cinnamon whiskey, apple cider, OYO whiskey, amber maple syrup; served in a short rocks glass garnished with an apple slice.

Hubbard Grille beer

We sat at one of the tables next to the bar that has a couple beer spouts attached. Unfortunately, they were experiencing a glitch in their system to the spouts were working that day, but it’s a great idea. Apparently your table is charged by the amount of beer that you pour.