Belgian fries – Sliderbar

Belgian fries - Sliderbar
Cooked fresh to order with hot chipotle ketchup, hot sriracha mayo, and their secret sauce. Family size $6.50
Sliderbar, San Francisco CA

Why are things that are bad for you so tasty!? French fries are my weakness and these were delicious. They have plenty of dippings sauces to choose from too.

Wooden piglets
Wooden piglets, Church Street.

Ribbon chips – T. Murray’s Bar and Kitchen

Ribbon chips T. Murray's Bar and Kitchen

Fresh cut potato ribbons, crunchy fried, roasted garlic aioli and sriracha ketchup. $5
T. Murray’s Bar and Kitchen, Columbus OH

What can I say? These were fun to eat and share. I like the combination of the garlic aioli and sriracha ketchup. This bar snack is not the healthiest thing for you, but I’d still recommend it. The potato ribbons weren’t too greasy and there’s plenty of them!

Bacon wrapped hot dog with everything!

Bacon wrapped hot dog with everything

“With everything” comes with grilled onions, jalapenos, ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard on a toasted bun!
Hot dog cart in The Mission, San Francisco CA

I know, I know! This thing is a heart attack served on a bun, but it’s SO frickin’ good after a long night of clubbing. There are carts throughout the city, and it’s anybody’s guess where they’ll be on any given night, but The Mission always seems to have the lion’s share on weekends! I grabbed this on the way home from a late night out and I had to be careful not to squish it in the car, lol! (Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving.)Mmmm, so gross and so good at the same time!

Bacon wrapped hot dog with everything

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