Grilled snapper collar – Locanda

Grilled snapper collar Locanda

Cavolo nero, olives, white beans. $22
Locanda, San Francisco

This was SO good! The fish was perfectly grilled and the flavor combination was new to me. I loved the cavolo nero with the olives and white beans. A very hearty dish and beautifully executed. Cavolo nero is also known as black cabbage, Tuscan cabbage, Tuscan kale, lacinato, and dinosaur kale. I’m guessing that they used it to make the green broth.

Tacos de pescado – Pisco Latin Lounge

Tacos de pescado Pisco Latin Lounge

Jerked red snapper, Brazilian mango, cabbage, serrano-tomatillo salsa. Garnished iwth arugula and lime wedge. $8
Pisco Latin Lounge, San Francisco

Another tasty bite from Pisco Lounge. They know how to make delicious snack food for when you’re hanging out with friends and having drinks. The fish was nicely cooked and the salsa was bright and fresh. They were a on the small side so if you’re super hungry, I’d order the empanadas instead.

Red snapper – Frances

Red snapper Frances

Chanterelle mushrooms, new potatoes, Meyer lemon gremolata, greens. $28
Frances, San Francisco

I wanna know what kind of green those were on top! They looked (and tasted) great! This was such a beautiful presentation. The fish was cooked perfectly, but I will say that this dish was slightly over-salted for my taste. Everything tasted great but my salt taste buds had to work overtime. Despite the salt issue, I’d still order this lovely dish again!

Rainbow Roll – Kama Sushi

Rainbow Roll Kama Sushi

8 pieces snow crab, avocado roll topped with tuna, salmon, ebi, hamachi, tai and avocado.  $11.95
Kama Sushi, San Francisco

The rainbow roll is perfect for the indecisive person like me because you essentially get an assortment of sashimi on top of a California roll.  Yay!  The fish quality at Kama was great and the services was very friendly and attentive.  Went there for happy hour and will definitely return!

Edamame Kama Sushi

Complimentary edamame.