Lumberjack cake – Frances

Lumberjack cake Frances

Pink lady apple, medjool dates, maple-walnut ice cream, powdered sugar. $8
Frances, San Francisco

This sinfully dense cake was SO fickin’ good! It had a beautiful dark and rich color and it was bursting with yummy fruits which helped to keep the cake very moist. The ice cream scoop almost looks fake in the photo. I love the texture of it in the pic – it still looks super cool! Amazing flavors all around in this great dessert!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2011

Red snapper – Frances

Red snapper Frances

Chanterelle mushrooms, new potatoes, Meyer lemon gremolata, greens. $28
Frances, San Francisco

I wanna know what kind of green those were on top! They looked (and tasted) great! This was such a beautiful presentation. The fish was cooked perfectly, but I will say that this dish was slightly over-salted for my taste. Everything tasted great but my salt taste buds had to work overtime. Despite the salt issue, I’d still order this lovely dish again!

Five Dot Ranch bavette steak – Frances

Five Dot Ranch bavette steak Frances

Fingerling potato, roasted shallot, spinach, sunchoke puree, chopped chives. $26
Frances, San Francisco

This beef dish was an absolute winner! The steak was SO tender, warm and delicious. The hearty vegetables, smooth sunchoke puree and beautiful sauce all came together perfectly to create a wonderful plate. Yes please!

Applewood smoked bacon beignets – Frances

Applewood smoked bacon beignets Frances

Served with maple chive creme fraiche. $6.50
Frances, San Francisco

Omg, this was the third time I’ve had these and they STILL knock my socks off! I’m SO in love with these beignets! I have to order them every time I eat at Frances. They’re very light and fluffy, but the amount of flavor that they pack into these things is absolutely mind-boggling! I’d go back just for some wine and a bowl of these lovely treats.

Frances red wine – Frances

Frances red wine

Beverage director Paul blends this fresh and delicious wine with Marco Cappelli from Miraflores Winery. $1 per ounce
Frances, San Francisco

I love that you can get wine here by the ounce! Not that it really prevents you (or maybe just us) from drinking more. But it’s a great concept. The Frances red wine is actually a very tasty table red. It goes down easily and has enough flavor and body to keep you interested.

Toasted almonds Frances

Toasted almonds. This complimentary snacks was slightly sweet and completely addicting. Frances even makes almonds irresistible!