Roasted sunchokes – Petit Crenn

Roasted sunchokes - Petit Crenn
Sherry vinegar, smoked breadcrumbs. Tasting menu $87
Petit Crenn, San Francisco CA

I think I’ve only ever had sunchoke purees so this was the first time I’ve ever had them roasted, and they were delicious. Yum!


Cast iron quail eggs – State Bird Provisions

Cast iron quail eggs - State Bird Provisions
1/2 dozen quail eggs, sunchoke, mixed greens, and ravigote. $12
State Bird Provisions, San Francisco CA

This dish was very different! The sauce ravigote tasted great with the quail eggs because it helped to cut the richness of the eggs. The crispy sunchokes were also fun.

St. Laurent wine - State Bird Provisions

St. Laurent, Johanneshof Reinisch, Thermenregion, Austria 2009. $11

Kwanzan cherry tree
Kwanzan cherry tree (Prunus sp., Rosaceae) with double pink flowers, 19th Street.

Grilled center cut prime beef rib eye – RN74

Grilled center cut prime beef rib eye RN74

With braised short rib, sunchokes, grilled romaine, bone marrow bordelaise. New Year four-course tasting menu $80
RN74, San Francisco

Wow, this was very large, rich, and all the components were filling and decadent. The only complaint was that the rib eye was ordered medium, but this was way rare! That’s a thick cut and the center was still cold and bloody. The short ribs was delicious as was the bone marrow. They should give you some bread to spread it on though otherwise you’re left spreading it on the beef which is was to rich. We used the house bread, but what if we had already finished it or we didn’t want any in the first place? That said, I still enjoyed the dish.

Farm egg scramble – Local Mission Eatery

Project 365: Day 31

Lazy morning today. Putz around at home with Silverfox then walked down to the Mission for coffee at Philz Coffee then brunch at Local Mission Eatery. Don’t have much more to do today, it’ll be relaxing. I won tickets to a showing of Best In Show at the Castro Theater later. That’ll be fun! A couple of the actors in the movie are doing a Q&A beforehand. Silverfox has never seen the movie, but I think he’ll get a kick out of it. Codes is also arriving this evening and I’m sure he’ll want to go out. Thank goodness it’s only Saturday, lol!

Farm egg scramble Local Mission Eatery

Soft scramble with red and yellow beets, sliced radishes, greens on top of what I think was a sunchoke puree. $11
Local Mission Eatery, San Francisco

This was super tasty! It wasn’t what I was expecting since the menus said that the scramble was gonna come with “brussels, sweet potatoes, goat gouda”, but I think that this combination turned out better. I LOVE beets and the whole plate tasted fresh and light. The eggs were cooked perfectly and I loved the composition of the plate with all the beautiful colors.

Farm egg scramble Local Mission Eatery

Five Dot Ranch bavette steak – Frances

Five Dot Ranch bavette steak Frances

Fingerling potato, roasted shallot, spinach, sunchoke puree, chopped chives. $26
Frances, San Francisco

This beef dish was an absolute winner! The steak was SO tender, warm and delicious. The hearty vegetables, smooth sunchoke puree and beautiful sauce all came together perfectly to create a wonderful plate. Yes please!