Farm egg scramble – Local Mission Eatery

Project 365: Day 31

Lazy morning today. Putz around at home with Silverfox then walked down to the Mission for coffee at Philz Coffee then brunch at Local Mission Eatery. Don’t have much more to do today, it’ll be relaxing. I won tickets to a showing of Best In Show at the Castro Theater later. That’ll be fun! A couple of the actors in the movie are doing a Q&A beforehand. Silverfox has never seen the movie, but I think he’ll get a kick out of it. Codes is also arriving this evening and I’m sure he’ll want to go out. Thank goodness it’s only Saturday, lol!

Farm egg scramble Local Mission Eatery

Soft scramble with red and yellow beets, sliced radishes, greens on top of what I think was a sunchoke puree. $11
Local Mission Eatery, San Francisco

This was super tasty! It wasn’t what I was expecting since the menus said that the scramble was gonna come with “brussels, sweet potatoes, goat gouda”, but I think that this combination turned out better. I LOVE beets and the whole plate tasted fresh and light. The eggs were cooked perfectly and I loved the composition of the plate with all the beautiful colors.

Farm egg scramble Local Mission Eatery

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