Ecuadorian shrimp – La Cosecha Bar and Restaurant

Ecuadorian shrimp - La Cosecha Bar and Restaurant
Roasted corn, romesco, shishito peppers. $15
La Cosecha Bar and Restaurant, Paso Robles CA

Mmm, I loved the flavor of these shrimp – so good. But they were kinda on the small side so it was a lot of work for little reward, they were getting pretty dried out. I liked the romesco sauce with the shrimp though, and shishito peppers are always a good choice.

Grilled beef shortribs – Bar Agricole

Grilled beef shortribs Bar Agricole

Thick cut shortribs with scarlet turnips, padron peppers and romesco sauce. $30
Bar Agricole, San Francisco

This was one of my favorite dishes at Bar Agricole. I guess you can’t go wrong with perfectly grilled, fatty shortribs, lol! It’s hard to see from the pic, but there was a lot of ribs on the plate. I actually couldn’t finish all of them, but not wanting them to go to waste, I had them boxed up (hehe). The padron peppers were SO yummy, but I’m biased since padron peppers are my favorite. The turnips were good, but some pieces were a little dry. The romesco sauce provided another wonderful flavor and went perfectly with the grilled beef. I would order this again in a quick second!