Hot steamed crab – L.P. Steamers

Blue Point oysters - L.P. Steamers
Large $6.25
L.P. Steamers, Baltimore MD

They didn’t have any jumbo crab that day so I had to settle for a large which meant less of a pay-off. I really didn’t like this crab. It was very dry and kinda salty. I much prefer the juicy dungeness crab on the West Coast.


Nubs famous crab cakes – L.P. Steamers

Nubs famous crab cakes - L.P. Steamers
Made fresh daily. 5 oz crab cake served with potato chips, tartar sauce and crackers. $15
L.P. Steamers, Baltimore MD

Mmm, this crab cakes was SO delicious! It was mostly crab with very little filler, and it was fried perfectly. It was very moist and not greasy. I could have done without the potato chips (maybe that’s a local thing).

National Bohemian 'Natty Boh' beer - L.P. Steamers
National Bohemian ‘Natty Boh’ beer. When in Baltimore, gotta have some Natty Boh! 🙂