Popcorn and beer – Memphis Riverboats

Popcorn and beer - Memphis Riverboats
Ghost River Gold golden ale and buttery popcorn.
Memphis Riverboats, Memphis TN

This was a nice little snack to have during the riverboat tour. The popcorn was really salty so it was good to have the Ghost River beer to wash it down with.


Asparagus and popcorn – Mission Bowling Club

Asparagus and popcorn - Mission Bowling Club
Zuckerman Farms asparagus, roasted spring onions, popcorn “bechamel”, chips and crisps. $12
Mission Bowling Club, San Francisco CA

Huh, this isn’t what I expected. But the asparagus tasted great (and I loved the shaved bottoms). The popcorn bechamel – not so much. It’s texture was weird and I didn’t enjoy the flavor. I don’t think I’d order this again.

Bourbon old-fashioned – The Alembic

Bourbon old-fashioned - The Alembic
“The oldest cocktail, and still one of the best. Nothing more than a slug of good whiskey on the rocks, with a couple of dashes of bitters, a little sugar, and a twist of lemon peel to take the edge off. Sometimes the simplest things work best. We make ours without the “garbage” – the fruit salad with wich the noble old warhorse is so often weighed down.” $11
The Alembic, San Francisco CA

The cocktails here are really good. Standard, simple, and delicious! I really liked the atmosphere as well. There’s a small bar area in front and a few tables in back for diners. The service was nice and laid-back but still attentive.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010

Seasoned popcorn - The Alembic
Seasoned popcorn. Complimentary

Ochagavia litoralis
Pink flowers of Ochagavia litoralis (Bromeliaceae), West Field Road

Shilshole Bay Marina 50th anniversary block party!

Shrimp caesar salad - Shilshole Bay Marina
Shrimp caesar salad.
Shilshole Bay Marina, Seattle WA

It was a warm, beautiful afternoon and my brother found out that Shilshole Bay Marina was throwing a block party to celebrate their 50th anniversary. So, naturally, we hopped onto our beach cruisers and biked over. We were pleasantly surprised by the great quality of free food they were handing out! You had your choice of a shrimp or salmon casear salad and a drink. They were also handing out bags of Kukuruza popcorn which, by the way, is delicious! It’s a local Seattle company with a storefront in Ballard (and elsewhere probably). We hung out for a while, just long enough to get some cake – lol! Ah, another great day in Seattle!

Blackened salmon caesar salad - Shilshole Bay Marina
Blackened salmon caesar salad.

Strawberry lemonade - Shilshole Bay Marina

Strawberry lemonade.

Kukuruza gourmet caramel popcorn

Kukuruza gourmet caramel popcorn.

White anniversary cake - Shilshole Bay Marina
White anniversary cake with buttercream and strawberry slices filling.

Chocolate anniversary cake - Shilshole Bay Marina
Chocolate anniversary cake.

Shilshole Bay Marina
Shilshole Bay Marina.