Burrata – 1760

Burrata - 1760
Grilled bread, garbanzo beans, asian pear, walnuts. $13
1760, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was pretty tasty! I loved the sculptural presentation and the variety of textures. I think there was also some pickled onions in there so it was all good. 🙂

Fountain of Four Seasons
Fountain of “Four Seasons”, executed in bronze and Italian stone by French sculptor Francois Stahly, Sydney G. Walton Square.


Lamb cholay – Curry Boyzz

Project 365: Day 73

We checked out of our hotel room today, had a great lunch at Toro Salao, and now we’re finally on the Celebrity Summit cruise ship! YAY, I’m SO excited to explore and eat, lol! The ship has been recently renovated so it’s pretty nice. The staff are super friendly and helpful. This will be my second cruise and I’m traveling with 10 friends so it should be a blast! I’ve gotta watch it though because food is available 24 hours a day, and you know how much I love to eat. LOL! Tonight we’re gonna dine in the main dining room, watch the Dame Edna Experience show, then head to the pool deck for the Welcome Dance Party. My vacation has now hit the next level.

Lamb cholay Curry Boyzz

Lamb curry cooked with garbanzo beans, garnished with chopped cilantro. $7.99
Curry Boyzz, San Francisco

I really liked this dish. The curry had a nice spiciness and the lamb was tender. We actually got really full during dinner so we took leftovers home.

Chicken tikka masala burrito – Curry Up Now

Project 365: Day 63

The weather has been really nice lately so Papa Chang and I went to grab some food at the food trucks. I really wanted to try a chicken tikka masala burrito so we swung by the Curry Up Now. We arrived early and were 2nd in line. Once we ordered there were already 10 people behind us. The couple behind us ended up ordering more than 20 things for their office. I’m SO glad we weren’t behind them, lol!

Chicken tikka masala burrito Curry Up Now

Morning fresh La Palma 12″ flour tortilla filled with methi pulao (fenugreek and turmeric rice), chana masala (garbanzo beans), and pickled onions with Fulton Valley organic chicken breast tikka masala (CTM). $8
Curry Up Now, Brisbane CA

The burrito is fairly large and filled with large pieces of chicken breast. I wasn’t all that impressed with it overall though. I liked the hint of heat in the sauce, but I think there was too much rice and there was also a lot of sweet flavor. It’s worth a try, but I’m not running back for more.

Chicken tikka masala burrito Curry Up Now

This burrito was nice and big!

Curry Up Now

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2012, 2014

Samosa and mango lassi – Curry Up Now

At the food truck, you can add a samosa + mango lassi combo for $4.
Curry Up Now, Brisbane CA

Samosa Curry Up Now

Yes, the outside was a little greasy, but this deep fried morsel was delicious! I’m not completely sure what was in it, but I think it was spiced potatoes, onions, garbanzo beans.

Samosa Curry Up Now

Papa Chang called these samosas “starch balls”. He was right…

Mango lassi Curry Up Now

The mango lassi (yogurt-based drink) was creamy with a little tartness. I put a little of the yogurt sauce in it. Very refreshing!