Dinner buffet – Curry Boyzz

Dinner buffet - Curry Boyzz
Chicken tikka masala, kofta curry, aloo mutter, spinach with lentils, rice. $12
Curry Boyzz, San Francisco CA

I finally discovered that this place has a cheap dinner buffet! Sure, they don’t have an extensive selection of dishes for the buffet, but I liked everything and try not to over-eat anyway. This will be a great, new option whenever I’m craving affordable Indian after the gym.


Lamb seekh kabab – Curry Boyzz

Marinated ground lamb cooked in a clay oven. Served with onions, lettuce with yogurt sauce, tomato, and lemon. $3.99
Curry Boyzz, San Francisco CA

I was surprised how small this was when it arrived at the table, but it was actually very filling especially with the veggies. I just took pieces of the lamb shish kebab and wrapped them in roti with some of the veggies. The lamb was dry so I wish they had given a side of raita to add some moisture.

Purple-pink geranium flowers (Pelargonium sp., Geraniaceae), Mission Dolores. I walk by the Mission Dolores every work day when I’m heading to the gym from 16th Street Station Bart. I never really noticed how pretty they’ve kept the small side lawn.

Chicken vindaloo – Curry Boyzz

Chicken vindaloo - Curry Boyzz
Chicken cooked with potatoes in special spicy sauce. $6.99
Curry Boyzz, San Francisco CA

Mmm, saucy Indian food! I also like that they use large chicken breast chunks. Even though I love thighs, these breast pieces remain very tender in this dish.

Chinatown, Grant Avenue

Chinatown, Grant Avenue. The hustle and bustle of Chinatown is only steps away from San Francisco’s shopping and financial districts – a very cool juxtaposition.

Onion naan – Curry Boyzz

Onion naan - Curry Boyzz
Indian bread stuffed with chopped onions and parsley. $1.99
Curry Boyzz, San Francisco CA

I don’t really know why I keep coming back to this place. Probably because it’s one of the few Indian restaurants in The Castro. The food is decent and they’re pretty quick so I can’t complain.

Illegible graffiti, Osage Street
Illegible graffiti, Osage Street. This bright and colorful artwork in The Mission is on my way to Bart so I see it every day but I’ve never been able to read it, lol!

Chicken tikka masala – Curry Boyzz

Project 365: Day 74

Today was a relaxing day at sea. I had a small breakfast at the Oceanview Cafe, laid out on the pool deck, then had a larger brunch in the main dining room, played bingo with Miss Richfield 1981 as the host (hilarious!), attended the Military Dog Tag T-Dance Party, had an afternoon meal, a large dinner in the main dining room, then danced the night away at the MardiGlo Party.

Chicken tikka masala Curry Boyzz

Boneless chicken in curry sauce. $6.99
Curry Boyzz, San Francisco

I love chicken tikka masala! You don’t get a lot of chicken in this dish, but you do get a lot of the delicious curry sauce. Mmm, naan and tikka masala sauce equals heaven!

Lamb cholay – Curry Boyzz

Project 365: Day 73

We checked out of our hotel room today, had a great lunch at Toro Salao, and now we’re finally on the Celebrity Summit cruise ship! YAY, I’m SO excited to explore and eat, lol! The ship has been recently renovated so it’s pretty nice. The staff are super friendly and helpful. This will be my second cruise and I’m traveling with 10 friends so it should be a blast! I’ve gotta watch it though because food is available 24 hours a day, and you know how much I love to eat. LOL! Tonight we’re gonna dine in the main dining room, watch the Dame Edna Experience show, then head to the pool deck for the Welcome Dance Party. My vacation has now hit the next level.

Lamb cholay Curry Boyzz

Lamb curry cooked with garbanzo beans, garnished with chopped cilantro. $7.99
Curry Boyzz, San Francisco

I really liked this dish. The curry had a nice spiciness and the lamb was tender. We actually got really full during dinner so we took leftovers home.

Aloo naan – Curry Boyzz

Project 365: Day 72

We had a busy tourist day today. We started with iced coffees and sandwiches at Quatro Sombras, then we walked the Paseo de la Princesa, visited the grounds around El Morro Castle, and walked more streets around Old San Juan. We randomly ran into some friends at our hotel’s casino later that evening. Since they had a rental car, we carpooled to the Sheraton Convention Center to attend the cruise pre-party! We later had dinner at Miro, which was kind of a letdown. Sad…

Aloo naan Curry Boyzz

Indian bread stuffed with potatoes and mixed spices. $1.99
Curry Boyzz, San Francisco

Garlic naan – Curry Boyzz

Project 365: Day 71

Omg, guess who was in Old San Juan today on the campaign trail? Rick Santorum! Yup! We were waiting for a lunch restaurant to open so we went to hang out at a random plaza to kill time. Then quite suddenly, a procession began and Rick Santorum and his family were walking through the crowd shaking hands. He shook my hand and winked at me, lol! I don’t even like the guy but it was easy to get caught up in the hoopla. I snapped over a dozen pics (see one below, hehe). We later saw him eating lunch outside at a nearby restaurant. It was hard to miss him since there were plenty of bodyguards in black suits everyhwere.

Lunch was better today at St. Germain Bistro and so were drinks at Restaurante Triana, but snacks/drinks at the Sheraton Old San Juan and dinner at Dragonfly were a bust!

Garlic naan Curry Boyzz

Indian bread with fresh ground garlic and parsley, yum! $1.99
Curry Boyzz, San Francisco

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum and family in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.