Yogurt fruit cup – Bean & Bottle

Yogurt fruit cup - Bean & Bottle

Strauss Dairy yogurt topped with strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry.
Bean & Bottle, Sonoma CA

Firepit at The Lodge at Sonoma
Firepit at The Lodge at Sonoma. After dinner, we hung outside at the hotel and relaxed next to the firepit before turning in.

Pain au chocolat croissant – Bean & Bottle

Pain au chocolat croissant - Bean & Bottle
Buttery croissant filled with chocolate and topeed with powdered sugar and drizzled with chocolate. $5
Bean & Bottle, Sonoma CA

The croissant was on the small side, but it was very delicious! We also grabbed some coffee, a Sunday paper and had a lazy, relaxing morning poolside.

Blue Campanula sp. flowers (Campanulaceae)
Blue Campanula sp. flowers (Campanulaceae). The front of The Lodge at Sonoma has an array of garden blooms to brighten up your stay.