Italica mussels – Frjtz

Italica mussels - Frjtz
One pound of fresh steamed mussels served with bread. Made with tomato-basil sauce with garlic, parsley, and red pepper flakes. $13
Frjtz, San Francisco CA

This had a lot of flavor, but was a tad on the salty side. I enjoyed that the mussels were large and meaty. They were nicely cooked so they were still tender and delicious!

Red wine and prosecco - Frjtz

Merlot, Grayson Cellars, California. $7
Sparkling, Valdo, Prosecco. $7

Bernal Heights Branch, San Francisco Public Library
Bernal Heights Branch, San Francisco Public Library. I love the colorful mosaic they have in the front of the buidling.

Manti – Tuba Restaurant and Grill

Manti - Tuba Restaurant and Grill
Stuffed beef dumplings topped with yogurt, red pepper flakes, sumac and dried mint. $16
Tuba Restaurant and Grill, San Francisco CA

These beef dumplings were so cute and small. They were dense and delicious and the yogurt sauce was flavorful! I would definitely order these again.

Orange African daisy (Arctotis sp., Asteraceae)
Orange African daisy (Arctotis sp., Asteraceae), Dolores Street. My street is full of beautiful blooms!

Gambas al ajillo – Esperpento

Garlic shrimp Esperpento
Shrimp sauteed in olive oil with garlic and red pepper flakes.
Esperpento, San Francisco

When you order gambas al ajillo at any Spanish restaurant, make sure they bring you plenty of bread to soak up that delicious, garlicky oil. I actually used the lemon this time around and it freshened up the olive oil in a wonderful way. This dish acts as my equalizer to compare tapas restaurants, and Esperpento did a pretty good job.  The quality of the shrimp wasn’t the best, but the flavors were great! I always like when the shrimp tails are still attached because it adds flavor and it’s fun to use my hands – so good job Esperpento.

Sangria Esperpento
Sangria is mandatory when eating tapas! Ok, maybe not but I’m never gonna turn down the opportunity to order some. Esperpento’s wasn’t overly sweet, very drinkable.