Sand dab filets – Tadich Grill

Project 365: Day 1

And so begins my attempt at daily self-discipline (or lunacy?)! My co-worker Alan mentioned Project 365 yesterday and I was intrigued. Project 365 requires you to take a photo every day for an entire year and post it online. Now that’s a challenge and there are many people who’ve apparently taken it on! My hat is now in the ring!

Starting today, I’m going to post a food pic of something that I’ve eaten the same day! I promise not to cheat and post something I’ve eaten on a previous day, and if I forget to post something I’ll considered this experiment a FAILURE!

I’m also going to write these Project 365 entries in style more of a daily journal – something more personal than my usual food posts. I’ll try to mention anything interesting (or boring or lame) going on in my day-to-day life. (I foresee a LOT of boring days, hehe!)

Tadich Grill, San Francisco

Sand dab filets Tadich Grill

Pan fried sand dab filets served with steak fries and bok choy (vegetable of the day). $23.75

I’m kind of an obsessive person, so when random things like this (Project 365) come along, I’m not afraid to run with it. Some people think I’m crazy, but they still love me. I’ll probably get super anal and distracted by this and annoy everyone around me. Some people already think that I’m weird when I snap a pic of everything I eat, but I’m not bothered. I love food! And there are worse things to obsess about.

I’m actually home sick today, so that’s why I have enough time to take care of all my personal computer stuff. Sickness, however, can’t stop me from searching for food! After getting back home from this lunch, I was SO tired and feverish that I slept all afternoon and woke up feeling worse. I really don’t want to get the flu so I hope this is one of those short-lived colds.

Sand dab filets Tadich Grill

I’ve never had sand dabs, but these were delicious. I didn’t even know that sand dabs were a flatfish. The name makes me think of a mollusk. These were simply prepared, just breaded and pan fried. There was a lot of butter underneath though, which I couldn’t have minded but I’m really trying to eat healthier before my Caribbean cruise this spring. I only ate one of the steak fries, but the bok choy was really good. They were a little over-cooked but I didn’t mind since that made them easier to chew. My jaw and mouth a tender from feeling under the weather.

Tartar sauce Tadich Grill

Ramekin overflowing with homemade tartar sauce.

Speaking of that Caribbean cruise, it’s going to be challenging to keep this Project going during that trip but they MUST have internet on the ship, right?! Otherwise, this will be a short project. David and I have challenged ourselves to eat better and hit the gym more in preparation for the cruise. I think it’s good motivation to get in better shape. (Ok, I’m safe. I got distracted and check the Celebrity Cruise website to make sure that their ships have internet access – yes!)

Bread and butter Tadich Grill

Bread and butter.

As proof of my obsessive behavior, I’m sure you’ll notice that I have posts tagged for the 7×7 Big Eat SF 2011 list. I’ve actually had more food items checked off but I have a long backlog of posts and I’ve lost (or had stolen) 3 iPhones so some of my pics are gone (so sad!). It’s ok I guess because it’s now impossible to complete the list entirely. Some of the restaurant are now closed and others no longer serve the dishes on the list.

Iced tea Tadich Grill

Iced tea. I love the San Francisco cable car stir stick! $2.95

Wow, I hope that these Project 365 entries don’t all take this much time, lol! There’s just a lot to say right now, but I’m sure I’ll run out of things after a few days.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010, 2011, 2012


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