Beef cheek “a l’orange” – Mission Chinese Food

Beef cheek a l'orange - Mission Chinese Food
Orange glaze, kaffir lime leaf, satsuma, sesame. $14
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco CA

Wow, I really liked this dish! Mission Chinese Food is always updating their menu (well, at least their online to-go menu that I order from) and some dishes are more successful that others. Boom, beef cheek a l’orange was da bomb, lol! The cheeks were rich and juicy and the sauce was delicious. The coating could have been crispier, but I think it got soggy during the delivery time. This would kick ass straight from the kitchen!

Wafu salad – Izakaya Takonoki

Wafu salad - Izakaya Takonoki
Baby spinach, radish, tofu, tomato with sesame shoyu dressing. $8.50
Izakaya Takonoki, Honolulu HI

This was ok, nothing special. I actually would have preferred it if the salad came tossed and with smaller pieces of fresh tofu.

House chardonnay - Izakaya Takonoki

House chardonnay. $5.50

Sunset at Waikiki Beach
Sunset at Waikiki Beach, Oahu.

Tamarind leaf salad – Burmese Kitchen

Tamarind leaf salad - Burmese Kitchen
Young tamarind leaf, onion, crushed peanuts, sesame seeds and shredded cabbage. $6.95
Burmese Kitchen, San Francisco CA

I love this tamarind leaf salad! It’s got a variety of flavors and textures and is really fun to eat. San Francisco has a few Burmese restaurants and I really need to venture out and try more of them. Who wants to join?

Chang beer - Burmese Kitchen

Chang beer. They don’t have Burmese beer, but Thai beer is close enough, hehe.

Leather Pride flag
Leather Pride flag, Castro and Market.

Broccoli beef cheek – Mission Chinese Food

Broccoli beef cheek - Mission Chinese Food
Whole beef cheeks with gai lan (Chinese broccoli), poached oyster, smoked oyster sauce, sesame seeds, served with steamed rice. $13
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco CA

I really enjoy the taste and texture of Chinese broccoli – it’s delicious! There’s a slight bitterness to this dish that I like. It’s not for anyone on a diet though. The whole beef cheeks are super fatty and, therefore, tender and yummy. The poached oysters and smoked oyster sauce add even more textures and flavors to this plate. Noms!

Sprinklers at Dolores Park
Sprinklers at Dolores Park. Another beautiful San Francisco morning on my way to the gym.

Halibut tartare – Saru Sushi Bar

Halibut tartare - Saru Sushi Bar
Served with halibut bone, plantain, and black sesame chips. $15
Saru Sushi Bar, San Francisco CA

The halibut tasted very good and looked beautiful! I didn’t really enjoy the other components though. The black sesame chips were super hard and difficult to eat. The fried halibut tails were even harder and almost impossible to chew. And I really don’t remember if there were any plantains on the plate, lol!

Hens-and-chicks (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae)
Pink edged hens-and-chicks (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae), Divisadero Street. I think these succuclents are lovely. They come in many colors and often grow with long stems.

Double hamachi roll – Miyabi Japanese Cuisine

Double hamachi roll - Miyabi Japanese Cuisine
Filled with hamachi and cucumber, topped with hamachi, avocado and sesame. $12.95
Miyabi Japanese Cuisine, San Francisco CA

This was just ok, nothing special. It wasn’t exciting or exceptional fresh tasting. Overall, I was a little underwhelmed by the food here.

Smoking Indian worm graffiti mural, Bryant Street
Smoking Indian worm(?) graffiti mural, Bryant Street. This is a random mural in The Mission, but I do like its colors.

Maki sushi combo – Osho Japanese Cuisine

Project 365: Day 120

Not much to report today, just work as usual and the gym. I’m glad to be back into a routine with scheduled meals and quailty gym time!

Maki sushi combo Osho Japanese Cuisine
6 pieces California roll (imitation crab and avocado), 3 pieces kappa maki (cucumber), 2 pieces inari (sushi rice wrapped in sweet tofu skin). Served with miso soup, wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce. $9.50
Osho Japanese Cuisine, San Francisco (SFO)

Maki sushi combo Osho Japanese Cuisine
In terms of sushi at an airport, this was ok. Which means it didn’t suck like most airport sushi. I particularly liked the inari – it was sweet and moist. In fact, none of the items were particularly dry, a common theme to most airport sushi.

Miso soup Osho Japanese Cuisine
Complimentary miso soup.

Soy sauce Osho Japanese Cuisine
Soy sauce in a cute aluminum tray.

Do Brazil chicken burger – Do Brazil

Do Brazil chicken burger
For spice lovers! Large strips of fried chicken on a sesame bun with lettuce and tomato, served with French fries. €22
Do Brazil, Gustavia, SAINT BARTHELEMY

Geez, this was large! I don’t think anybody at the table expected a burger this size, and a few people had ordered it. It’s advertised “for spice lovers”, but it actually wasn’t that spicey. It was definitely more flavorful than the mahi mahi burger though. Again, the fries were delicious.

Gustavia. The red-roofed homes in Gustavia immediately reminded me of Australia. I think the consistency is very cute and the color pops against the island landscape. Oh, to own one of those yachts in the harbor. 🙂

Mahi-mahi burger – Do Brazil

Mahi-mahi burger Do Brazil
Grilled mahi mahi steak on a sesame bun with lettuce and tomato, served with French fries. €25
Do Brazil, Gustavia, SAINT BARTHELEMY

If I remember correctly, this burger was a little dry and bland. The fries were pretty tasty though. Even with a mediocre dish like this, we couldn’t help but be merry since we were all having a great time on the island.

Shell Beach Gustavia
Shell Beach. You can see why this beach gets its name – there are shells all the way up to the restaurant. It was sporadically raining all day and people would have to run for cover. Fortunately, we had purchased the use of lounge chairs with umbrellas so we just laid there and drank cocktails. Hehe. By far, the most relaxing day of the trip.