Fish cake salad – Burmese Kitchen

Fish cake salad - Burmese Kitchen
Fried fish cake, shredded cabbage, onion, lime and dressing oil. $7.50
Burmese Kitchen, San Francisco CA

Another bright and refreshing salad from Burmese Kitchen. The fish cakes were a great, flavorful addition.

Chihuahua chilling in the back seat
Cute chihuahua chilling in the back seat of a convertible car, Castro Street.

Beef masala – Burmese Kitchen

Beef masala - Burmese Kitchen
Beef, masala spice and chopped onions. $7.95
Burmese Kitchen, San Francisco CA

Large chunks of tender beef in a rich, delicious sauce – how can you go wrong? This was very tasty and there was plenty to share.

Frog on bicycle yard decoration
Frog on bicycle wind/yard decoration, Cole Valley.

Spicy fish – Burmese Kitchen

Spicy fish - Burmese Kitchen
Fillet fish, chili flake, garlic and fried shallots. $7.95
Burmese Kitchen, San Francisco CA

This was delicious, although not very spicy. I like heat so I’m always a little disappointed when they promise spice and it ends up mild anyway. The fish, however, was tender and very flavorful!

Colorful San Francisco homes

Colorful San Francisco homes, Noe Valley.

Tamarind leaf salad – Burmese Kitchen

Tamarind leaf salad - Burmese Kitchen
Young tamarind leaf, onion, crushed peanuts, sesame seeds and shredded cabbage. $6.95
Burmese Kitchen, San Francisco CA

I love this tamarind leaf salad! It’s got a variety of flavors and textures and is really fun to eat. San Francisco has a few Burmese restaurants and I really need to venture out and try more of them. Who wants to join?

Chang beer - Burmese Kitchen

Chang beer. They don’t have Burmese beer, but Thai beer is close enough, hehe.

Leather Pride flag
Leather Pride flag, Castro and Market.