Golden Gate roll – Dojima-Ann

Golden Gate roll Dojima-Ann

California roll (crab and avocado) topped with tuna. $9.50
Dojima-Ann, San Francisco

This roll was just sad! The imitation crab was dry, the rice was gross, and the tuna tasted like it was just defrosted. Ew!

Unakyu maki – Dojima-Ann

Unakyu maki Dojima-Ann

Broiled eel and cucumber roll topped with roe and sesame seeds. $6.25
Dojima-Ann, San Francisco

I would say that this roll was disgusting too, but the unagi sauce and generous sprinkling of fish roe saved it. The sushi rice was still dry and sticky at the same time – odd.

Spicy tuna roll – Dojima-Ann

Project 365: Day 103

At work today counting down before my flight to Las Vegas for a work conference. I’m not really looking forward to it since I know that I’ll be spending money that I should be saving for my Europe trip next week. At least the food options in Vegas will be SO much better than Charleston.

I’ve been really stressed out this morning, probably because I didn’t have a proper breakfast. I’m also trying to finalize work/home things before my flight. Ok, next time you hear from me I’ll be in Sin City. Toodles!

Spicy tuna roll Dojima-Ann

Tuna with spicy sauce and cucumber. $5.50
Dojima-Ann, San Francisco

Wow, this was one of those rare spicy tuna rolls that was SO disgusting! I was so disappointed with this roll and pretty much everything else I ordered at Dojima-Ann. The sushi rice was off, the spicy sauce tasted gross, and I’m sure the tuna was not of the freshest quality.