Assorted tacos – Tacos Cala

Assorted tacos - Tacos Cala
Pork and broccoli, huevo, and trout and potatoes in adobo. Each $3.50
Tacos Cala, San Francisco CA

Omg, these tacos were delicious! Each on was so distinct and flavorful. They were simple with very little additional fillings except rice and black beans. The salsa were also SO tasty. Noms!

Blue Dane radish – Al’s Place

Blue Dane radish - Al's Place
Preserved meyer lemon butter, salt. Family style menu, $60 per person
Al’s Place, San Francisco CA

I was a bit surprised when this first snack came out, and I had to giggle a bit. I don’t think I’ve ever been served fresh, whole radishes as a dish before. I felt like a rabbit or something, lol! I guess it was good and the butter tasted great, but I guess I expected some type of preparation beside washing the radishes and placing them on a plate.:)