Roast beef sandwich – The Sentinel

Roast beef sandwich - The Sentinel
Smoked onions, frisee, and horseradish cream cheese. $10
The Sentinel, San Francisco CA

This sandwich was pretty awesome! They packed it with plenty of tender, juicy roast beef and the horseradish cream cheese was a great condiment (it wasn’t too strong and overpowering).

Steak tartare – Le Zinc

Steak tartare - Le Zinc
Raw, seasoned ground beef, mixed greens, cornichons. $13
Le Zinc, San Francisco CA

This wasn’t my favorite. The beef had an odd flavor and the tartare wasn’t chopped all the way through. I would try to retrieve a small amount only to realized that most of it was still connected. Hmm. I really didn’t even want to eat the entire thing.