Brioche pudding – Alchemist Coffee Project

Brioche pudding - Alchemist Coffee Project
Alchemist Coffee Project, Los Angeles CA

I enjoyed this. I thought that the top was going to be dry, but it actually wasn’t. The center and bottom were definitely more moist, but the top wasn’t hard like I expected. I liked that they warmed it up first before serving too.

Spring vegetable ravioli – Hearth Coffee Roasters

Spring vegetable ravioli - Hearth Coffee Roasters
House-made ricotta, sugar snap peas, and pecorino romano cheese. Prix fixe dinner $29.50
Hearth Coffee Roasters, San Francisco CA

I don’t usually enjoy vegetarian/vegan entrees, but this pasta dish was delicious! I loved the slightly cooked peas and cauliflower, and the ravioli were cooked perfectly. Noms!

All you can eat Korean BBQ – Koginara

All you can eat Korean BBQ - Koginara
Option A $15.99 per person
Koginara, Los Angeles CA

All you can eat Korean BBQ - Koginara
Went here with a couple friends and had a great time! You get SO much food for very little money and the service was pretty friendly and attentive compared to other AYCE KBBQ places. They kept on top of our table when we needed more food and they were also good at changing out our dirty grills. I would definitely return!

All you can eat Korean BBQ - Koginara
They switched out the stone grill to a wire one midway through.

Fried rice with egg - Koginara
Fried rice with egg (not included in all you can eat).

Banchan and seaweed salad - Koginara
Banchan and seaweed salad.

Gyro – Ayola

Gyro - Ayola
Lamb and beef gyro meat, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, tzatziki sauce. 9 inch $8.95
Ayola, San Francisco CA

It’s been a while since I last had a gyro from Ayola. I usually stick with they gyro platter since I’m always hungry and it provides more food. This was good though and I liked the price. Their “hot” sauce is still my favorite in the FiDi.

Spicy miso ramen – Ramen Underground

Spicy miso ramen - Ramen Underground
Basic toppings with chicken, green onion, mushroom and spinach. Add boiled egg. $13.45
Ramen Underground, San Francisco CA

Ok, I still do like the ramen here, but I’m beginning to think that it’s pretty expensive especially since you have to tip on you bill as well. There are other ramen places nearby that cost less and are so tasty. I don’t think I’ll come here as often, but maybe as a random treat.