Design Your Own salad – Mixt Greens

Design Your Own salad - Mixt Greens
Avocado, roasted golden beets, roasted brussels sprouts, egg, and caramelized onions on mixt greens with Point Reyes blue cheese dressing. $10.40
Mixt Greens, San Francisco CA

My work location is the land of the $10+ lunch salad. I was actually surprised that I enjoyed this one though. I liked the variety of toppings they had available, and they were really good quality. The price really starts to jack up when you add meats though.

Lemon blueberry crumble muffins – Pink Mocha Cafe

Lemon blueberry crumble muffins - Pink Mocha Cafe
Each $3.50
Pink Mocha Cafe, Kailua-Kona HI

These weren’t very good. They were dry, small, and lacked any crumble. I’m not sure why they would charge $3.50 for a mini muffin! The service was REALLY slow the morning we tried this place and they kept messing up our orders, but the manager was really friendly and apologetic for the delays and mistakes. She also gave us comped coffees for our next visit.

Onion rings – Laniakea Cafe

Onion rings - Laniakea Cafe
Laniakea Cafe, Kona International Airport (KOA)

These were disgusting and super greasy! And even worse than the onion rings was the woman working the cash register. She had such a horrible attitude and shouldn’t be allowed to work in customer service. I would rather go hungry than return to this lame restaurant when I’m back in KOA.

Mini nachos – Huggo’s on the Rocks

Mini nachos - Huggo's on the Rocks
Tortilla chips, black bean-corn salsa, gucamole, pepper jack cheese, stadium-style cheese, sauce, salsa fresca, sour cream, jalapenos. Happy hour $4
Huggo’s on the Rocks, Kailua-Kona HI

This was definitely “mini”, but it tasted good and for only 4 bucks I’m not gonna complain. Send me another mai tai, and I’m good!🙂