Salmon latkes – Federal Delicatessen

Salmon latkes - Federal Delicatessen
Crispy potato with salmon lox, creme fraiche, dill. $19 NZD
Federal Delicatessen, Auckland NZ

This was pretty good. I liked the salmon and it was nice and thick. The latke was good too but it was definitely on the greasy side.

Breakfast cocktails - Federal Delicatessen
Breakfast martini: Victor gin, St. Germain elderflower, house grapefruit-infused sugar. $16 NZD
Mimosa: Maude Methode Traditionnelle, orange juice. $15 NZD


Low gravity mango sunrise – The WestWood

Low gravity mango sunrise - The WestWood

Mango flavored mimosa. Pitcher $28
The WestWood, San Francisco CA

As mimosas in the city go, this is one of the more expensive ones and for no apparent reason. It tasted fine, but it wasn’t worth the extra cost and the carafe is even on the small side.

San Francisco sunrise

A San Francisco sunrise projects light onto our home office door.

Passionfruit mimosa – The Little Chihuahua

Passionfruit mimosa - The Little Chihuahua

Salted rim and garnished with oranges. $5
The Little Chihuahua, San Francisco

What’s brunch without a mimosa?! I think I had just gotten out of the gym, so I was very thirsty. Hehe. This was delicous and refreshing. The service at the Noe Valley location of Little Chihuahua is always sweet.

Chips and salsa - The Little Chihuahua
Chips with roasted tomato and habanero salsas. Compimentary.

The Castro from Corona Heights Hill/Park
View of The Castro from Corona Heights Hill/Park. On top of 1 of 14 San Francisco hills.

Bottomless mimosa – Jones

Bottomless mimosa Jones

Orange juice and J. Roget sparkling wine. $13
Jones, San Francisco CA

This was from my brunch with Olivia a while back. God, I love Sunday brunches involving bottomless mimosas. We were eating at the bar so we had quick and easy access to additional pours, lol!

The Mission Dolores

The Mission Dolores before sunset. I love the pinkish purple hue of the sky – amazing! I was walking to the gym from the 16th Street Bart Station after work when I saw this happening. I quickly ran across the street and took the picture while trying to avoid getting run over.

Breakfast cocktails – Cheeky’s

Spicy bloody mary Cheeky's

Spicy bloody mary garnished with pickled vegetables and lemon. $8
Cheeky’s, Palm Springs CA

Wow, this drink was a meal! I loved the boot-shaped glass that it came in and they give you plenty of pickled veggies.

Blood orange mimosa Cheeky's

Fresh blood orange mimosa. $11
I loved the color of this mimosa. I just wish that it has a more intense blood orange flavor. It tasted a little bland.

Bottomless brunch buffet – Ironside

Project 365: Day 53

This was NOT the best weekend for me. I drank and ate WAY too much, lol! Sunday morning, I was still feeling the effects of the previous night’s merriment. We went to brunch at Ironside for MB2’s extended 40th birthday celebration. They have an all you can eat brunch buffet and bottomless mimosas. Need I say more? It was great to celebrate with MB2 and some of his friends – they were all really great guys. So we pretty much close the place down and drink way too many mimosas, and decide that we should continue drinking in the Castro. Smart, right? LOL! We have a great time, and Silverfox and I are smart enough to cut out early before things get too messy. We grab a small bite at Cafe Flore then head home to turn in early. I was exhausted, fell asleep and totally missed The Emmy Awards broadcast. Oh well.

Brunch buffet Ironside

Round 1 plate with scrambled eggs with cheese, chipotle-garlic breakfast potatoes, bacon, house made spicy sausage, fried sweet plantains, ceviche, biscuits and gravy. They also have a bunch of other options! All you can eat, $16
Ironside, San Francisco

Bottomless peach mimosas Ironside

Bottomless peach mimosas. $10
Trouble, trouble, trouble! We drank A LOT!!!

Ironside upstairs

We closed this place down! Besides one small table downstairs, we pretty much drank all their mimosas and were the last people to leave. Oh dear!

Cocktails – Zuni Cafe

Finally made it to Zuni Cafe for Sunday brunch. I’ve been here before but only for a quick meal. We had reservations for when they opened and there was a line outside when we arrived. I think people who didn’t have reservations decided to come early to see if they could get a table. We were seated upstair at a table for 2 in the corner. I loved it! We were next to the window and there was some privacy where we were. The table next to us wasn’t even seated until near the end of our meal, score!

The service, of course, was great and the food was absolutely amazing! We had to have mimosas and a few other cocktail, lol!
Zuni Cafe, San Francisco

Balsamic bloody Mary Zuni Cafe

Balsamic bloody Mary with spicy pepper-onion relish. $11.50
You’ll never see me ordering a bloody Mary, but Silverfox had this and it was VERY tasty. I actually really liked it and would order it for myself next time. It had a great kick and the balsamic vinegar gave it a great flavor. Noms!

Aperol cocktail Zuni Cafe

Aperol cocktail. $10.75
Aperol is an orange flavored Italian apertif. Not sure what else they put in the cocktail, but it was super tasty!

Mimosas Zuni Cafe

Mimosas. $8 each
A Sunday brunch standard. These were a lot nicer than the ones I usually get for Sunday Funday bottomless mimosas. They must use real orange juice in these and better quality champagne.

Chocolate fondant – Bisou

Project 365: Day 18

Happy birthday to me! Had a great gym workout in the morning then went to Bisou for a birthday brunch with Silverfox, T-Head and RSL. Apparently they told the waiter that it was my birthday so they brought out this cake at the end of the meal and sang Happy Birthday REALLY loudly, lol! I was actually surprised and kind of embarrassed (in a good way).

That place was rocking despite the very wet weather. There was another large birthday party in there. We had reservations but the people around us were quoted a 1.5 hour wait, geez! Bisou is quite the popular brunch place. I guess everybody loves bottomless mimosas!

Afterward, we went and had drinks at The Lookout, then we met more friends at Badlands followed by Toad Hall. It was a great birthday and a lot of my friends came out to celebrate. I drank plenty but I’m happy to say that I didn’t have a hang over! Perhaps the after-bar meal at La Zapata helped out, hehe.

Chocolate fondant Bisou

Rich souffle-like chocolate cake with a molten chocolate center. Served with vanilla ice cream. $8
Bisou, San Francisco

This chocolate fondant was delicious! Maybe things taste better when it’s your birthday. It was so warm and rich and the perfect with the vanilla ice cream. Thanks guys for a great birthday brunch! Too bad the 49’ers lost their game for a chance to play in the Super Bowl. 😦

Bottomless mimosa Bisou

Bottomless mimosa. $10