Roasted chicken and bread salad – Zuni Cafe

Roasted chicken and bread salad Zuni Cafe

From the wood-fired brick oven. Roasted chicken for two with warm Tuscan-style bread salad. Approximately 1 hour. $48
Zuni Cafe, San Francisco

This is hands-down the best chicken I’ve EVER had! It was definitely worth the hour long wait. You better be dining with someone you like because you have plenty of time to chat while you wait for this amazing plate of food! The chicken is SO moist and flavorful and the warm bread salad soaks up all the yummy juices and drippings. I’m not sure what the greens were, but it was a hearty variety and held up nicely to the rich chicken and bread salad. I greedily ate a portion and nibbled on some more before getting the rest boxed up. Silverfox picked off the skin because he’s a healthy eater, so I helped myself to it, lol! The skin was the best part!

I think the portion is way too much for only two people, but a table of two guys near us quickly devoured theirs! They must have been super hungry, hehe. It’s a whole chicken so each person gets a breast, thigh, leg and wing.

And let me tell you, it even tasted amazing warmed up the next day, lol! If I could have this once a month, I would be such a happy person. I think I’ve found my last meal if I ever end up on death row!

Roasted chicken and bread salad Zuni Cafe

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Pacific oysters – Zuni Cafe

Pacific oysters Zuni Cafe

Crassostrea gigas. Pacific Hog Island (Tomales Bay) top left, Marin Miyagi (Tomales Bay) top right, and Drake’s Bay (Point Reyes) bottom. Served with a lemon wedge and mignonette. $2.50 each
Zuni Cafe, San Francisco

I’m finally developing a taste for oysters! I never liked them growing up and I’m still hesitant at times, but I find myself ordering more often these days. I still prefer the smaller varieties because the large ones gross me out still.

These were SO good. The Drake’s Bay, which are the largest two on the bottom, were actually my favorite!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die

Bread and butter Zuni Cafe

Bread and butter. Simple and yummy.

Cocktails – Zuni Cafe

Finally made it to Zuni Cafe for Sunday brunch. I’ve been here before but only for a quick meal. We had reservations for when they opened and there was a line outside when we arrived. I think people who didn’t have reservations decided to come early to see if they could get a table. We were seated upstair at a table for 2 in the corner. I loved it! We were next to the window and there was some privacy where we were. The table next to us wasn’t even seated until near the end of our meal, score!

The service, of course, was great and the food was absolutely amazing! We had to have mimosas and a few other cocktail, lol!
Zuni Cafe, San Francisco

Balsamic bloody Mary Zuni Cafe

Balsamic bloody Mary with spicy pepper-onion relish. $11.50
You’ll never see me ordering a bloody Mary, but Silverfox had this and it was VERY tasty. I actually really liked it and would order it for myself next time. It had a great kick and the balsamic vinegar gave it a great flavor. Noms!

Aperol cocktail Zuni Cafe

Aperol cocktail. $10.75
Aperol is an orange flavored Italian apertif. Not sure what else they put in the cocktail, but it was super tasty!

Mimosas Zuni Cafe

Mimosas. $8 each
A Sunday brunch standard. These were a lot nicer than the ones I usually get for Sunday Funday bottomless mimosas. They must use real orange juice in these and better quality champagne.