El Salvadorian style chorizo eggs scramble – The WestWood

El Salvadorian style chorizo eggs scramble - The WestWood
With queso fresco, green onions, and home fries. $11
The WestWood, San Francisco CA

Not sure what made this dish El Salvadorian style, but it tasted decent. Perhaps adding queso fresco and chorizo? The home fries were cook beautifully though and oh so flavorful!

King palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana, Arecaeae)

King palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana, Arecaeae), 16th Street. The long inflorescence strands spraying laterally from the trunk is always cool to see!

Low gravity mango sunrise – The WestWood

Low gravity mango sunrise - The WestWood

Mango flavored mimosa. Pitcher $28
The WestWood, San Francisco CA

As mimosas in the city go, this is one of the more expensive ones and for no apparent reason. It tasted fine, but it wasn’t worth the extra cost and the carafe is even on the small side.

San Francisco sunrise

A San Francisco sunrise projects light onto our home office door.

Breakfast platter – The WestWood

Breakfast platter - The WestWood
Levain bread, prosciutto, chevre, deviled eggs, brown sugar-glazed bacon, pickled vegetables, fresh fruit. $14
The WestWood, San Francisco CA

I am torn about this place. The food was decent, but the wervice was really mixed. I think the two owners(?) were running service that morning and the older white-haired man was really nice, but the younger dark-haired man was rude and unattentive. I liked the variety of this breakfast platter, but I’m still not certain that the cheese was actually goat cheese. I asked for confirmation, but the affirmative still seemed unsure. It’s also really dark in the back so you should request to sit outside or near the front if you want to enjoy the bright sunny weather for a leisurely weekend brunch. Otherwise, it feels like you’re dining in a cave.

Tribal medusa mural/mosaic
Tribal medusa mural/mosaic, 16th Street.