Cactus pear margarita – Jake’s

Cactus pear margarita - Jake's

Tequila, triple sec, sweet and sour mix, cactus pear juice. This drink was pretty and delicious! $7
Jake’s, Palm Springs CA

Outdoor dining area - Jake's
The outdoor dining area is contained by a beautiful, tall hedge on one side.


Arugula and mushroom omelette – Jake’s

Arugula and mushroom omelette - Jake's
With Swiss cheese, served with potatoes, fruit, and nine grain toast. $11
Jake’s, Palm Springs CA

I really liked this omelette. It had simple ingredients, but it was executed perfectly. The egg was fluffy and I really enjoyed the peppery arugula folded inside.

Outdoor dining area - Jake's

Misters are going stong at Jake’s outdoor dining area.

Eggs in purgatory – Jake’s

Eggs in purgatory - Jake's
Sunny side eggs over a bed of baked tomatoes, cheese, olives and sausage served with potatoes and fruit. $11
Jake’s, Palm Springs CA

This wasn’t what I thought it was gonna be, hehe! I thought it was gonna be more of a hash. The baked tomatoes, olives, and sauage are actually underneath the eggs and they tasted weird. I think it was kind of an odd combination of flavors and would have worked better as a hash anyway.

Skull Rock, Joshua Tree National Park

Skull Rock, Joshua Tree National Park.