Chongqing chicken – Mama Ji’s

Chongqing chicken - Mama Ji's
Pieces of chicken are fried first then cooked with chilies and Sichuan peppercorns. $10.95
Mama Ji’s, San Francisco CA

This small Castro restaurant is really quirky. It was opened by a husband/wife combo (Belgian? and Chinese) and the food is pretty good. I hear the Belgian beers are also really good. The service, however, was random and there were long stretches of unneeded waiting – NOT COOL!

This chicken dish was nice and spicy and I appreciated that the chicken pieces were large and recognizable as chicken instead of the heavily breaded alternatives. Some of the pieces were a little hard, dry and overcooked though. And please get those waitresses to move with purpose!

Chilled squid – Sushi Ran

Chilled squid - Sushi Ran
Chili, mint, lime, crushed pinenut. $9
Sushi Ran, Sausalito CA

Wow, this chilled squid salad was frickin’ amazing! It was bright and delicious and all the different textures were fun to eat. I could eat a bowl of this every day, NOMS!

Kirin light beer - Sushi Ran

Kirin light beer. $5

Random shrine

Random shrine, downtown Sausalito.

Steamed eggplant – Mission Chinese Food

Steamed eggplant in chili bean sauce - Mission Chinese Food
Ginger scallion vinegar, cucumber, calamansi, sesame, cilantro, salted chili. $6
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco CA

Eh, I wasn’t really impressed with this dish. I generally love everything I’ve order from MCF, but this lacked the usual flavor I enjoy from their food.

Orange aloe flowers
Orange aloe flowers (Xanthorrhoeaceae), West Field Road.

Spicy calamari – The Prado at Balboa Park

Spicy calamari - The Prado at Balboa Park
Korean chili sauce, napa cabbage slaw. $9.95
The Prado at Balboa Park, San Diego CA

I don’t usually like fried calamari made from squid steaks because they tend to be rubbery and flavorless. These, however, were delicious! The Korean chili sauce they tossed the calamari in was SO flavorful and had a bit of a kick to it, noms! The napa cabbage slaw was also pretty tasty.

Nikigator sculpture

“Nikigator” alligator sculpture, clay tiles, glass and stone mosiac, located outside of the Mingei International Museum.

Chili marinated shrimp skewers – Bankers Hill

Chili marinated shrimp skewers - Bankers Hill
With cabbage slaw. Happy hour $3
Bankers Hill, San Diego CA

There was very little of this, but it was mighty tasty, lol! I rarely see shrimp individually skewered because they’re so small but Bankers Hill managed to present a delicious morsel. We definitely should have had additional orders. 🙂

Bea Evenson Fountain
Bea Evenson Fountain, Balboa Park.