Fried rice – Thai House Express

Fried rice - Thai House Express
Side $5
Thai House Express, San Francisco CA

This was good. I liked that it wasn’t dry and I liked that there was plenty of scrambled eggs. Definitely better than their dry-ish steamed rice.

Combination seafood with spicy basil – Thai House Express

Combination seafood with spicy basil - Thai House Express
Sauteed shrimp, squid, and scallop with onions, chili, carrot, bell pepper and basil leaves. A la carte $13.95
Thai House Express, San Francisco CA

I like the flavors in there, but the squid was a bit overcooked so it was tough to chew. The service also tends to be inconsistent. It ranges from the most attentive service to having to flag down the waiter depending on the night.

Salvia "Hot Lips" (Salvia microphylla, Lamiaceae)
Salvia “Hot Lips” (Salvia microphylla, Lamiaceae). I love the vibrant red and white flowers of this plant (Baby sage, Graham’s sage, Blackcurrant sage).

Beef panang curry – Thai House Express

Beef panang curry - Thai House Express
Beef in medium red curry sauce (coconut milk based) and fresh basil. A la carte $10.95
Thai House Express, San Francisco CA

I really like the panang curry at Thai House Express. It has a wonderfully rich flavor and the beef is almost always juicy and tender. I did have it once when the beef was dry and stringy, ew. I once had a visitor from Thailand and I took him here. He ordered everything in Thai and requested that the dishes be prepared “Thai spicy”. Omg, I could barely eat anything! It was SO spicy. That just reinforces the fact that “American spicy” isn’t really spicy at all. But I will say that even when I was traveling in the outer provinces of Thailand, they didn’t prepare food as spicy as Thai House Express that night.

Brown rice - Thai House Express
Side of brown rice.

The Castro rainbow flag
The Castro. The large rainbow flag marks your arrival to the fun and diverse neighborhood located in the middle of The City.