Pickled egg and anchovy – Roxy’s Cafe

Pickled egg and anchovy - Roxy's Cafe
Shishito pepper, bulgur wheat, sprouts. 10-course chef’s tasting menu $75
Roxy’s Cafe, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love pickled food items! I really enjoyed all the flavors in this dish. The bulgur wheat was a little hard to chew, but I liked that its mellow flavor helped to tone down the acidity of the pickled egg and anchovy. And of course you all know that I love shishito peppers! I’m not quite sure what the pale condiment was because it had a very subtle taste that I couldn’t figure out. This dish was beautiful and tasty!

Holocaust Memorial
Holocaust Memorial by George Segal, California Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Stir-fried corn and peppers – Mission Chinese Food

Stir-fried corn and peppers - Mission Chinese Food
Sweet corn, shishito peppers, country ham, scallions, chilies. $10
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco CA

Dare I say this was a little too greasy for me! I usually love most of the dishes I try from Mission Chinese, but this just had a little too much oil. I enjoyed the flavors though, and you can’t go wrong with shishitos!

Royal trumpet vine (Distictis riversii, Bignoniaceae)
Pinkish-purple royal trumpet vine flowers (Distictis riversii, Bignoniaceae), Roosevelt Way.

Shishito peppers robata – Hecho

Project 365: Day 70

This has been a horrible day so far! Our red-eye flight out of SFO was delayed last night because of the rain so we would have missed our IAD connection to San Juan. We were able to get on an earlier flight out of SFO and made our connection, but our bags didn’t make it. The baggage claim guy at the SJU airport was SO lame and annoying. So now we probably won’t have clothes to change into until tomorrow.

We’ve also had a horrible dining experience in San Juan already. Our cab driver suggested Raices Restaurant near our hotel to have lunch and it was absolutely horrible. This place was a cheesy tourist trap if I’ve ever seen one! The food was disgusting and the over priced drinks were weak and gross tasting. I hope the dining improves during our stay!

Despite all that, San Juan is beautiful and the weather has been great!

Shishito peppers robata Hecho

1 skewer of grilled peppers with radish garnish. $4
Hecho, San Francisco

This was another disappointment. The peppers were barely grilled and weren’t very warm.