Onion naan – Curry Boyzz

Onion naan - Curry Boyzz
Indian bread stuffed with chopped onions and parsley. $1.99
Curry Boyzz, San Francisco CA

I don’t really know why I keep coming back to this place. Probably because it’s one of the few Indian restaurants in The Castro. The food is decent and they’re pretty quick so I can’t complain.

Illegible graffiti, Osage Street
Illegible graffiti, Osage Street. This bright and colorful artwork in The Mission is on my way to Bart so I see it every day but I’ve never been able to read it, lol!

Crab and mango tartine – Papillote

Crab and mango tartine - Papillote
With avocado, radish, grapefruit, Italian parsley and spiced sauce on toasted brioche. Served with greens and ginger vinaigrette. $10.99
Papillote, Savannah GA

This was bright and refreshing, and so different from anything I’ve tried before! There were so many yummy components to this and they all tasted great together. I do wish that the salad was pre-dressed because it was difficult to toss the salad on such a small plate. The ginger vinaigrette was a nice addition though. A beautiful dish!

Coffee - Papillote

Coffee. $1.99

Revolutionary War Haitian Soldiers Monument
Revolutionary War Haitian Soldiers Monument. Walking around Savannah was quite fun and you can’t help but feel the history surrounding you. This statue is located in a cute plaza next to the City Market.

Eggs benedict – The Girl & The Fig

Eggs benedict - The Girl & The Fig
Poached eggs, applewood-smoked ham, hollandaise, Italian parsley, red bliss potato home fries, on house-made focaccia. $12
The Girl & The Fig, Sonoma CA

I was a little disappointed by this. The hollandaise sauce was bright and delicious, I loved the smoked ham, and the eggs were poached beautifully but the focaccia wasn’t toasted enough and got really wet and doughy from the hollandaise. The potatoes were also dry and flavorless. The small, chewy pieces also made them a chore to eat.

Wine cave, Gundlach Bundschu Winery
Wine cave, Gundlach Bundschu Winery.

Dublin coddle – The Bachelor Inn

Dublin coddle - The Bachelor Inn
A traditional Irish dish of pork sausage, bacon, potato, onion, and parsley served with batch bread. €8.95
The Bachelor Inn, Dublin IRELAND

Dublin coddle - The Bachelor Inn
Mmm, this was a simple stew-like dish and VERY flavorful. I actually really liked the batch bread! It’s super light and airy and they lather it with plenty of butter. The Bachelor Inn is a cute place along the River Liffey walkway and the service was excellent (and good looking too)! We all recognized that out waiter was a diamond among the not-so attractive local population, lol! Would definitely recommend dropping in for a pint or some vittles!

"The Prick with a Stick" James Joyce statue

“The Prick with a Stick” James Joyce statue, North Earl Street. This statue is along the shopping corridor in north Dublin, not too far from where we were staying. There’s plenty of shops and excellent people watching, lol!

Pasta all’ matriciana – Ristorante Romano

Pasta all' matriciana - Ristorante Romano
Rigatoni pasta, tomato based sauce made with smoked bacon, onions, tomatoes, and red chilies with basil and parsley. €13
Ristorante Romano, Dublin IRELAND

Pasta all' matriciana - Ristorante Romano
This was one of the weirdest Italian restaurants I’ve even been to. All the workers were Asian which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I will say that the food certainly had some Asian flare. They even offer sriracha as a condiment for your meal. This pasta tasted ok – I liked the deep smokey flavor of the sauce and the bite of the rigatoni. But OMG, can you make a pasta this greasy!!! I was actually disgusted. Granted I was starving so I ate everything, but I was still grossed out by what I found at the bottom of the bowl. I’ve never seen that much grease separate from a pasta dish before!

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We didn’t get a chance to walk inside, but this is a beautiful church from the outside especially looking at it from St. Patrick’s Park. The tulips were in full bloom!

Chicken shepherd’s pie – Cafe Flore

Chicken shepherd's pie - Cafe Flore
Chunks of chicken, English peas, carrots, house made mashed potatoes, chopped parsley. $8.95
Cafe Flore, San Francisco

This was ok. The filling was on the salty side and the mashed potatoes were a little bland. I guess we ordered this to soak up some of the alcohol we had consumed during Sunday Funday, lol!

SF Giants Tiger graffiti mural, 15th Street

SF Giants Tiger graffiti mural, 15th Street. I love the composition and colors in this artwork. It’s sinister and cute at the same time.

Hummus – Cafe Mystique

Hummus - Cafe Mystique
Blended chick peas (garbanzo beans) with olive oil, pine nuts, parsley, pickled beets, and sprinkled with sumac spice. Happy hour $2.95
Cafe Mystique, San Francisco CA

Wow, less than three bucks and SO delicious! What a value! The hummus was light and creamy, and the toppings added even more texture and flavor. Noms!

Chinatown, Grant Avenue

Chinatown, Grant Avenue. I don’t make it out to Chinatown very often because it’s out of the way and can be a total tourist trap, but there are so many cool stores and restaurants there. It’s great to live in a city that is so diverse!

Homemade glutinous rice cakes – Benu

Project 365: Day 107

Yay, I’m back in San Francisco! And apparently, the weather has been frickin’ amazing. It’s the early evening and it’s still very warm outside. Ah, how I’ve missed you, my home! Whenever I get back from a trip, I always crave certain food. The first thing I did when I got back was order delivery from Mission Chinese Food. I needed something spicy and with punch-you-in-the-face flavor, and MCF always does it for me.

Honestly, I shouldn’t be eating again since I had a large and delicious brunch buffet at Wicked Spoon in The Cosmopolitan this morning. I was hungry again at the airport so I had a Whopper Jr. from Burger King. Argh, I can’t believe I did that!

Homemade glutinous rice cakes Benu

With pine nut, pumpkin, black truffle, garnished with flat leaf parsley. Pre fixe dinner $180
Benu, San Francisco

Wow, this dish was amazing! It was like a pumpkin gnocchi. The texture was different, but the flavors were warm, delicious, Italian. I loved that this wasn’t what I expected when I read the description. “Glutinous rice” doesn’t conjure up Italy in my mind, but I was pleasantly surprised. Everything work perfectly together and the flavors were absolutely spot on! Noms!

Homemade glutinous rice cakes Benu

Garlic naan – Curry Boyzz

Project 365: Day 71

Omg, guess who was in Old San Juan today on the campaign trail? Rick Santorum! Yup! We were waiting for a lunch restaurant to open so we went to hang out at a random plaza to kill time. Then quite suddenly, a procession began and Rick Santorum and his family were walking through the crowd shaking hands. He shook my hand and winked at me, lol! I don’t even like the guy but it was easy to get caught up in the hoopla. I snapped over a dozen pics (see one below, hehe). We later saw him eating lunch outside at a nearby restaurant. It was hard to miss him since there were plenty of bodyguards in black suits everyhwere.

Lunch was better today at St. Germain Bistro and so were drinks at Restaurante Triana, but snacks/drinks at the Sheraton Old San Juan and dinner at Dragonfly were a bust!

Garlic naan Curry Boyzz

Indian bread with fresh ground garlic and parsley, yum! $1.99
Curry Boyzz, San Francisco

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum and family in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Roasted red pepper salad – Canela

Project 365: Day 62

Tried out Canela for a pre-birthday celebration for Silverfox. My roommate had already been here and said that it was pretty good. We’re planning to have a nicer dinner in San Juan next week to really celebrate Silverfox’s birthday but it’s nice to go out and have a dinner closer to the actual date of his special day.

Roasted red pepper salad Canela

With apple, manchego cheese, walnut, flat leaf parsley, lemon, olive oil, egg. $8
Canela, San Francisco

This salad was really refreshing. I loved all the different components but I have to say that the Italian parsley was killer in this salad! In combination with the lemon, it really helped to brighten up the salad and gave it a fanastic flavor. I would definitely order this again!

Red sangria Canela

Red sangria. Bottle $21
I really enjoyed this sangria. It was overly sweet and the wine that they used had a great flavor. It wasn’t too bitter or funky tasting. Noms!