Dublin coddle – The Bachelor Inn

Dublin coddle - The Bachelor Inn
A traditional Irish dish of pork sausage, bacon, potato, onion, and parsley served with batch bread. €8.95
The Bachelor Inn, Dublin IRELAND

Dublin coddle - The Bachelor Inn
Mmm, this was a simple stew-like dish and VERY flavorful. I actually really liked the batch bread! It’s super light and airy and they lather it with plenty of butter. The Bachelor Inn is a cute place along the River Liffey walkway and the service was excellent (and good looking too)! We all recognized that out waiter was a diamond among the not-so attractive local population, lol! Would definitely recommend dropping in for a pint or some vittles!

"The Prick with a Stick" James Joyce statue

“The Prick with a Stick” James Joyce statue, North Earl Street. This statue is along the shopping corridor in north Dublin, not too far from where we were staying. There’s plenty of shops and excellent people watching, lol!