Huevos rancheros – Cafe Mystique

Huevos rancheros - Cafe Mystique
Corn tortillas topped with homemade salsa, black beans, avocado, with two eggs over easy with cheddar cheese, served with potatoes. $8.95
Cafe Mystique, San Francisco CA

Meh, this was ok. It was on the bland side as huevos rancheros go. The potatoes were utterly bland and useless throw-away items. I liked the look of the dish, but I was not fulfilled in any way. And again with the SLOW-ass service/kitchen!

Noe Valley view
Noe Valley view.

Castro scramble – Cafe Mystique

Castro scramble - Cafe Mystique
Spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, cheddar cheese. Served with breakfast potatoes. $8.95
Cafe Mystique, San Francisco CA

This scramble was good enough I guess. It was nothing special. What I didn’t like was the horrendously SLOW service! Omg, move your feet, man! And the lone cooks needs to speed things up too! There wasn’t even many diners to cook for!

Bloody mary cocktail - Cafe Mystique
Bloody mary. $6.50

Seal Rocks, Ocean Beach
Seal Rocks, Ocean Beach.

Lamb burger – Cafe Mystique

Lamb burger - Cafe Mystique
Burger ordered medium, with lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized onions, and mozzarella cheese. Served with garlic French fries. $12.95
Cafe Mystique, San Francisco CA

Lamb burger - Cafe Mystique
Mmm, this burger was very juicy and flavorful. It had a mild lamb taste that was not overpowering. And the garlic fries were SO delicious! This was their burger special that night so I’m glad I ordered it – a great value!

Financial District from Lombard Street
View of the Financial District from Lombard Street. I love my city!

Beet and halumi cheese salad – Cafe Mystique

Beet and halumi cheese salad - Cafe Mystique
Mixed greens, pine nuts, black, olives, balsamic vinaigrette. $8
Cafe Mystique, San Francisco CA

Halumi (halloumi) is a goat/sheep cheese from Cyprus. It’s hard-ish and dry and it was fried before being added to this tasty salad. The halumi was on the salty side so it was great to have the beets to balance it out. The salad was over-dressed, however. 😦

Native American "street performer", Union Square
Native American “street performer” near Union Square. Like any other touristy city, San Francisco has its share of “street performers” who do nothing more than dress up in various costumes and expect money in return. Not impressed. My favorite part of this pic is the guy in the back with the snowman cardigan, hilarious!

Garlic flatbread – Cafe Mystique

Garlic flatbread - Cafe Mystique
With herbs. Happy hour $1.95
Cafe Mystique, San Francisco CA

So simple and so good! The flatbread was really light and airy, but sturdy and elastic enough to take all the hummus I spread on top. Very flavorful!

Upper Marktet Terrace house number
Upper Market Terrace house number. I love this modern house number in this neighborhood. It’s on a remodeled house with very cute detailing.

Hummus – Cafe Mystique

Hummus - Cafe Mystique
Blended chick peas (garbanzo beans) with olive oil, pine nuts, parsley, pickled beets, and sprinkled with sumac spice. Happy hour $2.95
Cafe Mystique, San Francisco CA

Wow, less than three bucks and SO delicious! What a value! The hummus was light and creamy, and the toppings added even more texture and flavor. Noms!

Chinatown, Grant Avenue

Chinatown, Grant Avenue. I don’t make it out to Chinatown very often because it’s out of the way and can be a total tourist trap, but there are so many cool stores and restaurants there. It’s great to live in a city that is so diverse!

Sangria – Cafe Mystique

Sangria - Cafe Mystique

Fruity red wine sangria garnished with strawberry, lemon, apple, and mint. Happy hour $4.95
Cafe Mystique, San Francisco CA

I’ve often overlooked this restaurant on Castro Street, but I’m SO glad I finally tried it. They have a great happy hour, the food is tasty, and the service is SO friendly! Sometimes, it’s all about the details. Not only were these sangrias delicious, but I love all the large garnishes (that lemon knot is super cute) and they even add a skewer to better retrieve the alcohol soaked fruit.

Burning phoenix graffiti mural, The Mission
Burning phoenix graffiti mural, The Mission. I can honestly say that I’d never noticed this artwork before along 24th Street, but it’s frickin’ AMAZING! I love the colors and the positioning of everything. One of my favorites so far!