Beet and halumi cheese salad – Cafe Mystique

Beet and halumi cheese salad - Cafe Mystique
Mixed greens, pine nuts, black, olives, balsamic vinaigrette. $8
Cafe Mystique, San Francisco CA

Halumi (halloumi) is a goat/sheep cheese from Cyprus. It’s hard-ish and dry and it was fried before being added to this tasty salad. The halumi was on the salty side so it was great to have the beets to balance it out. The salad was over-dressed, however. 😦

Native American "street performer", Union Square
Native American “street performer” near Union Square. Like any other touristy city, San Francisco has its share of “street performers” who do nothing more than dress up in various costumes and expect money in return. Not impressed. My favorite part of this pic is the guy in the back with the snowman cardigan, hilarious!