Sangria – Cafe Mystique

Sangria - Cafe Mystique

Fruity red wine sangria garnished with strawberry, lemon, apple, and mint. Happy hour $4.95
Cafe Mystique, San Francisco CA

I’ve often overlooked this restaurant on Castro Street, but I’m SO glad I finally tried it. They have a great happy hour, the food is tasty, and the service is SO friendly! Sometimes, it’s all about the details. Not only were these sangrias delicious, but I love all the large garnishes (that lemon knot is super cute) and they even add a skewer to better retrieve the alcohol soaked fruit.

Burning phoenix graffiti mural, The Mission
Burning phoenix graffiti mural, The Mission. I can honestly say that I’d never noticed this artwork before along 24th Street, but it’s frickin’ AMAZING! I love the colors and the positioning of everything. One of my favorites so far!


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