Roasted half pigeon – L’Epigramme

Roasted half pigeon - L'Epigramme
Demi pigeon roti, aubergine. Roasted potatoes, eggplant, two types of root purees. Entree/Plat/Dessert option 28€
L’Epigramme, Paris FR

Roasted half pigeon - L'Epigramme
When I saw pigeon on the menu, I know I had to try it! And I’m SO glad I did because everything on the plate was absolutely amazing! The pigeon was fairly pink so I was initially wary (maybe I should have asked for well done), but it actually tasted great and was super tender. I immediately fell in love with the potatoes and eggplant; they were expertly prepared and SO delicious! The purees were also very flavorful and I just wanted to lick my plate clean. NOM NOMS!

Chardonnay and rose - L'Epigramme
Chardonny and rose wines.
You really can’t eat a meal of this caliber and not have some wine! This was a perfect lunch and a great way to spend our last full day in Paris.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars. Wow, the area around the Eiffel Tower is so unreal. The place is completely unique and doesn’t remind me of anywhere else in the world. There’s so much green space and the tower is an enormous and majestic beacon visible from anywhere. SO awesome!

Kir cocktail – L’Arganier

Kir cocktail - L'Arganier

Creme de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) topped with white wine. 4€
L’Arganier, Paris FR

We stopped by this place to grab some quick drinks before dinner. We sat outside at a table on the narrow sidewalk, awkwardly positioned to avoid passersby. Our waitress was hoot! Her English wasn’t the best, but she was SO friendly and accommodating with our lack of French. That’s one thing I appreciated about our Paris trip – everyone was SO nice and we didn’t get any flack for not knowing the language. But then again, we’re fairly well-traveled and try not to be the quintessential loud, annoying Americans everyone. Lol! 😉

Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church

Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church, rue Saint Antoine, Marais. This beautiful Roman Catholic church was around the corner from our hotel and near the Saint Paul Metro station.

Sandwich mixte – La Cooperative

Sandwich mixte - La Cooperative
Ham, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. 5,90€
La Cooperative, Paris FR

After a long day of sightseeing, we really needed some food on our way back to the hotel. We came across La Cooperative on our walk from the Louvre. It looked like a cute cafe and the clientele appeared to be a mixture of business people, locals and tourists so we decided to give it a try. The food was fairly good, but the service was really erratic. We were served by two different waiters both of whom were really difficult to wave down when we needed anything.

While this sandwich was pretty standard, the bread was really good. I also prefer the mayonnaise they use in France. It has a better consistency and flavor.

Drinks - La Cooperative

Coca-Cola light. 50 cl 7,20€
Kir au Sauvignon. 25 cl 5,70€
OK, I’m still baffled why drinks are SO expensive here! We spent more money on soda and water than we did our food. Am I just being a ridiculous American that I think this is outrageous?! 😦

Fountain of Warsaw, Jardins du Trocadero
Fountain of Warsaw, Jardins du Trocadero. The Gardens of the Trocadero are beautiful and a great place to view the Eiffel Tower and take photos. Of course I did a customary “jump” photo with the tower in the background, lol.

Novato Festival of Art, Wine and Music

Moylan's Hefe Weiss and St. Francis chardonnay

Moylan’s hefe weiss beer and St. Francis chardonnary.
Novato Festival of Art, Wine and Music, Novato CA

This was a small but cute festival in downtown Novato. We had gone because a couple of David’s friends were volunteering and we had just had brunch with them. It had a charming small town feel and there was a good variety of booths.

Punch and Judy puppet show
Punch and Judy puppet show by Piccolo Puppet Players.

Kids in self-contained balloon balls
Kids in self-contained balloon balls in water.

Black mussels – Lulu California Bistro

Black mussels - Lulu California Bistro
In white wine sauce with herbs and cheesy baguette. Happy hour $8.99
Lulu California Bistro, Palm Springs CA

The mussels were overcooked and tough to chew. Their flesh were also super small compared to their large shells – that’s always a bad sign… It’s hard to forgive poor quality and bad preparation when it comes to mussels.

Mossy boulder
Mossy boulder, Mt. San Jacinto hike.

Tutto mare – Boulevard Cafe

Tutto mare - Boulevard Cafe
Spaghetti, prawns, clams, mussels, fish, garlic, basil, white wine, red sauce. $15.95
Boulevard Cafe, Daly City CA

This restaurant is one of those places where the menu is gigantic and appears to contain food from all cuisines. Usually the food at these places are sorely lacking, but the things I ordered were actually pretty good. The tutto mare had plenty of seafood which I was surprised about since most places will skimp of the more expensive proteins. It had bold flavors and the pasta was perfectly al dente.

Avgolemono soup - Boulevard Cafe
Avgolemono soup. Traditional Greek soup with chicken, rice, lemon and egg. $2.95
This was OK. It was mostly broth.