Black mussels – Lulu California Bistro

Black mussels - Lulu California Bistro
In white wine sauce with herbs and cheesy baguette. Happy hour $8.99
Lulu California Bistro, Palm Springs CA

The mussels were overcooked and tough to chew. Their flesh were also super small compared to their large shells – that’s always a bad sign… It’s hard to forgive poor quality and bad preparation when it comes to mussels.

Mossy boulder
Mossy boulder, Mt. San Jacinto hike.

Tutto mare – Boulevard Cafe

Tutto mare - Boulevard Cafe
Spaghetti, prawns, clams, mussels, fish, garlic, basil, white wine, red sauce. $15.95
Boulevard Cafe, Daly City CA

This restaurant is one of those places where the menu is gigantic and appears to contain food from all cuisines. Usually the food at these places are sorely lacking, but the things I ordered were actually pretty good. The tutto mare had plenty of seafood which I was surprised about since most places will skimp of the more expensive proteins. It had bold flavors and the pasta was perfectly al dente.

Avgolemono soup - Boulevard Cafe
Avgolemono soup. Traditional Greek soup with chicken, rice, lemon and egg. $2.95
This was OK. It was mostly broth.

White sangria and beer – Sliderbar

White sangria - Sliderbar

Fresh mint, peach white sangria: California chardonnay, fresh mint, summer peaches, fresh oranges and lime. $5
Sliderbar, San Francisco CA

Mmm, sangria! This cool sports bar is a nice addition to the restaurant scene in the Castro. It replaced Criolla Kitchen, and was Bagdad Cafe before that. We ended up here after a day of hanging out with friends and the service was amazing! The crowd was young and fun, and the food was pretty tasty too!

Allagash White beer - Sliderbar

Allagash White beer. Refreshing with orange peel and coriander notes. Portland, MA, 5.2% ABV. $6

Naked lady door handle
Naked lady door handle, 24th Street.

Wafu salad – Izakaya Takonoki

Wafu salad - Izakaya Takonoki
Baby spinach, radish, tofu, tomato with sesame shoyu dressing. $8.50
Izakaya Takonoki, Honolulu HI

This was ok, nothing special. I actually would have preferred it if the salad came tossed and with smaller pieces of fresh tofu.

House chardonnay - Izakaya Takonoki

House chardonnay. $5.50

Sunset at Waikiki Beach
Sunset at Waikiki Beach, Oahu.

Traditional Puget Sound mussels – Anthony’s HomePort

Traditional Puget Sound mussels - Anthony's HomePort
Black mussels in a wine wine broth, . Happy hour $5
Anthony’s HomePort, Seattle WA

Seattle seafood is always a safe bet! These mussels wear large and tender, just perfectly cooked. The broth was delicious and perfect for soaking bread. Noms!

The Eagle

The Eagle, 1971, painted steel, Alexander Calder, Olympic Sculpture Park.

Veal picatta – Briscola

Veal picatta - Briscola
Veal cutlets sauteed with white wine, capers, caper berries, lemon, parsley, served with spaghetti tossed with toasted garlic and olive oil. $19
Briscola, Reno NV

The veal was over-breaded and disgusting. For a veal picatta, this dish lacked acid which is surprising considering there are cpares, caper berries, lemon peels, and a citrus based sauced! Then how did the kitchen still accomplish to make it devoid of citrus flavor? The side noodles are a throw away since they lacked any flavor or life, and just take up space. Horrible service and horrible food!

House salad - Briscola
House salad for the table comes with entree orders. Meh.

Galena Creek waterfall

Galena Creek waterfall, Mount Rose Summit Trail.

Trio’s white sangria – Trio Restaurant

Trio's white sangria - Trio Restaurant

Blend of white wines, a splash of this and a splash of that, fresh fruit. $8
Trio Restaurant, Palm Springs CA

This was ok, but I wish it was a little more flavorful. Ugh, I did not enjoy this restaurant at all! The food was mediocre (as you will see), the service was green, and the decor and atmosphere didn’t mesh well.

Baguette and butter - Trio Restaurant
Baguette and butter. Complimentary

Rainmaker Fountain, North Palm Canyon Drive
Rainmaker Fountain, North Palm Canyon Drive.

Steamed mussels – Farley Bar

Steamed mussels - Farley Bar
Creamy sauvignon blanc, tarragon, warm garlic crouton. $13
Farley Bar, Sausalito CA

Steamed mussels - Farley Bar
Another delicious dish from Farley Bar. Almost made me forget about the bloody mary that the waitress dumped on me! The white wine sauce with tarragon was SO flavorful and delicous. The mussels were also very large, meaty, tender and juicy. Don’t know why they called the sliced bread “croutons” though. I was expecting something different.

Rock shrimp tortellini – Firewood Cafe

Rock shrimp tortellini Firewood Cafe

Stuffed with fresh gulf rock shrimp, green onions, shallots and red bell peppers.  Served with Firewood sauce (mixture of marinara sauce and white wine cream sauce) and bread, topped with parsley and shaved parmesan cheese.  $9.95
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco

I’ll admit that I’ve had this dish more than a few times after hanging out at the surrounding bars all night, hehe!  I think it’s the Firewood sauce, a great mixture of marinara, wine, and cream) that hits just the right spots.  It’s a warm and homey dish – a perfect plate to satiate an after-bar appetite.  The tortellini always has a nice bite to them and the rock shrimp filling is delicious.