Endive salad – Ma Bourgogne

Endive salad - Ma Bourgogne
Salade d’endives au bleu des causses. Blue cheese, tomato, carrot, chives. 10€
Ma Bourgogne, Paris FR

This was a simple but very tasty endive salad! The blue cheese came in large cubes tossed with the chopped endives in the center of the plate and was simply dressed.

Paris Plages 2013
Paris Plages 2013. During Paris Plages, they create artificial beach areas along the northern bank of the Seine River. These sandy oases were great because it was SO hot while we were there. They even have misters, showers, and plenty of food/beverage stations and seating areas. And of course the people watching was spectacular! 😉

Bbq nachos – Bitterroot BBQ

Bbq nachos - Bitterroot BBQ
Pork, black beans, cheddar, sour cream, chives, bbq sauce. Happy hour $5
Bitterroot BBQ, Seattle WA

Noms, these nachos were super tasty and I loved the bbq sauce they drizzled on top. The pulled pork was also delicious and flavorful.

Decorative sidewalk cover
Decorative sidewalk cover, Pike Place Market.

Hawaiian ahi nachos – Anthony’s HomePort

Hawaiian ahi nachos - Anthony's HomePort
Ahi tuna ceviche on taro chips topped with aioli and chives. Happy hour $5
Anthony’s HomePort, Seattle WA

These were delicious, refreshing bites. The ahi mixture was a little sweet and perfect to enjoy on a bright sunny day.

Puget Sound view, Anthony's HomePort
View of the Puget Sound from our table at Anthony’s HomePort. It was SO beautiful during my last visit to Seattle. It was great to sit at the Anthony’s back patio and enjoy the sun and water.

Crystal dumplings – Good Luck Dim Sum

Crystal dumplings - Good Luck Dim Sum
Filled with shrimp and chives. 3 for $1.60
Good Luck Dim Sum, San Francisco CA

I’m not really sure why these are called crystal dumplings since they use the same kind of wrapper on most of the other dumplings but just have a slightly different shape. Hmm… Anyway, they were still delicious, hehe!

Random wall, Divisadero Street
Random wall, Divisadero Street. I really like the color of this painted ball the random tag on one of the bricks.