Green chives shrimp dumplings – Grand Palace Restaurant

Green chives shrimp dumplings - Grand Palace Restaurant
Mmm, I love Chinese green chives. They have a strong garlicky flavor that’s delicious with the shrimp filling. $3.20
Grand Palace Restaurant, South San Francisco CA

Green chives shrimp dumplings - Grand Palace Restaurant
Grand Palace actually keeps their shrimp pieces chunky as opposed to completely minced, yum!

Artwork on the platform, South San Francisco Bart Station

Artwork on the platform, South San Francisco Bart Station.

Bacon and eggs – T. Murray’s Bar and Kitchen

Bacon and eggs T. Murray's Bar and Kitchen

Spicy deviled eggs, chives and candied bacon. $5
T. Murray’s Bar and Kitchen, Columbus OH

I’ve finally acquired the taste for deviled eggs. I grew up not liking them because they were always a staple at potlucks and they looked like they shouldn’t be trusted. The weird color and texture of the whipped yolks with the red paprika dusting always freaked me out. But I do love eggs, so it hasn’t been hard to finally start eating these. This particular preparation was very tasty and I loved that they lay the eggs on a dollop of yolk so it won’t slide around. The candied bacon was amazing, and I loved the thin twists. Easy to handle and devour, mmm!

Stewed beef tongue and turnips – Mission Chinese Food

Project 365: Day 55

Not much going on today. Just another day of training at work, hitting the gym afterward and I have to remember to swing by Walgreens for some hairspray. Other than that, I’ll prolly just catch up on DVR. I should start thinking about what I’m going to pack for Ohio. It’s gonna be in the 40’s, EW! It’ll be fun to see Codes though. Not looking forward to all the food and drinks though so close to the cruise, bad timing.

Stewed beef tongue and turnips Mission Chinese Food

Tendon terrine, hot mustard, pickled burdock root, chives. $10
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco

This soup is very rich and kinda too salty! The beef tongue is fall-apart tender and so tasty as are the root vegetables, but the broth is super soy flavored, smoky, and salty. I’m not sure where the tendon terrine is in there. I would imagine that a tendon terrine with just melt in such a hot soup.

Stewed beef tongue and turnips Mission Chinese Food

Marinated local sardines – COCO500

Marinated local sardines COCO500

Yum! These sardines were delicious! They’re topped with a mixture of what looks like shallots, chives and olive oil. The fish had a great rich flavor but wasn’t too overly fishy tasting. I cut the fillets into small chunks and ate them on top of the sliced baguette. Noms! $5 for happy hour
COCO500, San Francisco

Baguette and olive oil COCO500

Baguette and olive oil. Complimentary.

Five Dot Ranch bavette steak – Frances

Five Dot Ranch bavette steak Frances

Fingerling potato, roasted shallot, spinach, sunchoke puree, chopped chives. $26
Frances, San Francisco

This beef dish was an absolute winner! The steak was SO tender, warm and delicious. The hearty vegetables, smooth sunchoke puree and beautiful sauce all came together perfectly to create a wonderful plate. Yes please!

Applewood smoked bacon beignets – Frances

Applewood smoked bacon beignets Frances

Served with maple chive creme fraiche. $6.50
Frances, San Francisco

Omg, this was the third time I’ve had these and they STILL knock my socks off! I’m SO in love with these beignets! I have to order them every time I eat at Frances. They’re very light and fluffy, but the amount of flavor that they pack into these things is absolutely mind-boggling! I’d go back just for some wine and a bowl of these lovely treats.

Flore benedict – Cafe Flore

Flore benedict Cafe Flore

Poached eggs with oven roasted tomatoes and mushroom ragout over homemade cornbread, topped with hollandaise and chopped chives, and served with a side of garlic fried potatoes. $10.50
Cafe Flore, San Francisco

Not a fan of this version of eggs benedict. I think it looked better on paper. The roasted tomatoes and mushroom ragout tasted odd and the cornbread made an odd combination.  Everything together tasted a little too sweet which isn’t what you’re looking for when you order an eggs benedict. Even the potatoes were just ok. Too bad. The eggs were beautifully poached though.

Crispy lobster turnovers – Hung To Seafood

Crispy lobster turnovers Hung To Seafood

4 large pieces of deep fried turnovers filled with lobster and garlic chives, served with salad sauce. $4.20
Hung To Seafood, South San Francisco

I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered this, but I was pleasantly surprised. The pieces were huge and I love the large chunks of lobster inside. I will defnitely order these again! Not sure if the salad sauce really added to the dumplings though.

Crispy lobster turnovers Hung To Seafood

Gravy fries – Hog & Rocks

Gravy fries Hog & Rocks

Pork belly gravy and cheddar cheese, sprinkled with chopped chives.  $5 happy hour
Hog & Rocks, San Francisco

This item reads super heavy on the menu, but it somehow tasted pretty light!  Not sure how they did that.  The gravy wasn’t too thick and creamy, and the pork belly was cooked well and cut into small enough pieces to prevent a fatty overload with each bite.  I didn’t catch the cheddar cheese very much.  I actually forgot there was any until I referred back to the menu.  A very good and filling dish!

Chicken wings – Hog & Rocks

Chicken wings Hog & Rocks

Chile and agave nectar sauce, sprinkled with chives and served with carrots, celery, and ranch.  $5 happy hour
Hog & Rocks, San Francisco

Yet another amazing happy hour value at Hog & Rocks.!  I’m not suer that the chile and agave nectar sauce really stood out though.  It didn’t have a very defined flavor.  In fact, it tasted pretty light and mellow – if that’s possible with chicken wings.  You certainly get a lot of wings for five bucks, but in terms of flavor I don’t think I’ll be ordering these again (and they were cold!).