Duck curry – Duck Deli

Duck curry - Duck Deli
Cari vit. With potatoes, and served with fresh basil and French baguette. 75,000 VND
Duck Deli, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

Mmm, this duck curry was SO good. I actually loved all the bones and skin still attached to the duck. It’s so much more flavorful and fun to eat that way. And how can you deny the bread in Vietnam?! I definitely gained a few pounds on this trip.

Bitexco Financial Tower
Bitexco Financial Tower.

Cabbage salad with boiled duck – Duck Deli

Cabbage salad with boiled duck - Duck Deli
Goi vit. With sweet/spicy dressing, mixed greens, and roasted peanuts. Small 125,000 VND
Duck Deli, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

Wow, this was delicious! I wish I knew what all the stalks and shaved stems were, but they all tasted great with the duck and the gingery fish sauce dressing. The duck had pieces of chopped bones in it, but I didn’t mind at all. I always think that bone-in is more flavorful anyway.

Hotel de Ville de Saigon
Hotel de Ville de Saigon (City Hall) and Ho Chi Minh statue.

Duck confit hash – The Coterie Room

Duck confit hash - The Coterie Room
Brunch special with duck egg, Fresno chilies.
The Coterie Room, Seattle WA

The has was pretty tasty and filling, but the duck egg on top was kind of unappetizing because it had a weird texture as if it had been sitting under the warmer for too long. I also wish that you could taste more of the fresno chilies in the hash.

Seattle Great Wheel
Seattle Great Wheel from the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Crispy duck leg cassoulet – Town Hall

Crispy duck leg cassoulet - Town Hall
Butter beans, chorizo, farm egg, Italian parsley, grilled bread. $25
Town Hall, San Francisco CA

Oops, I guess you really can’t see the duck, but I swear it’s in there under the farm egg. This dish had good flavors, but it was salty. I think the presence of duck confit and chorizo really upped the saltiness from the start, but I swear they must have added even MORE salt because there was too much! At twenty five bucks for this bowl, I think the execution could have been better.

View of downtown SF
View of downtown from the Castro.

Roasted duck curry – Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine

Roasted duck curry - Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine
Red bell pepper, basil, coconut milk, ordered “hot”. $8.99
Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was really tasty! I loved that the duck still had all its bones because they’re always more flavorful that way. I just wish there was more duck in there! The rich coconut curry was delicious and very filling.

Cartoon animal skeleton
Cartoon animal skeleton sidewalk stencil.

Duck enmermelada tacos – Padrecito

Duck enmermelada tacos - Padrecito
Black beans, mixed chicories, arbol-strawberry marmalade and dry jack. $12
Padrecito, San Francisco CA

Omg, these tacos were SO delicious! All the ingredients were perfect and it was really pretty to look at. The marmalade and whiskey worked perfectly with the rich duck. I want more – NOMS!

Thimbleberry flower
Thimbleberry flower (Rubus parviflorus, Rosaceae), Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.

Grilled duck breast – Nojo

Grilled duck breast - Nojo
Napa cabbage and daikon pickle, apple-soy sauce. $17.50
Nojo, San Francisco CA

I’m a huge fan of duck, and this dish was cooked perfectly! The duck had a great grilled exterior while the meat remained moist and tender. The nice layer of skin fat gave the breast such an amazing flavor. And you can never go wrong with pickling some napa cabbage?!

Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach, Great Highway.